Two men, a door and a gun.

With a loud tchunk, you landed on your feet, cursing the annoying pain in your foot. Keep running, just keep running. Unfortunately that suddenly became impossible; ten feet in front of you, a man stepped into the alley from a half-rotten wooden door, blocking your path.

Frozen on the spot, you slowly began reaching for the gun that you could only hope was still in the pocket of your leather jacket.

"Just get in, will you?" the stranger said and pointed towards the door.

After a quick moment of surprised staring, you decided that it was a good idea. As you hastily moved towards the new exit, you heard an expected sound from behind. Without a single second of hesitation, you grabbed the gun that was luckily still there and fired off a quick salvo of murderous bullets at the same time as you threw yourself out of sight, in a very action-movie-like way.

The supposedly friendly man closed the door behind him and turned towards you. "Are you hurt?" he asked, seemingly concerned.

Who the hell was this man? As far as you knew, you'd never seen him before, and judging by his polished looks he couldn't be in the same line of work as you. Strange...

Getting to your feet, you started asking the obvious questions. The man answered each question in a satisfactory way as the two of you quickly moved up the stairs of the shabby building.

On what probably was the third floor, the gentleman stopped in front of another door.

"Are we gonna get in or what?" you asked between heavy breaths of exhaustion.

Still not trusting the man entirely, you fastened the grip on your .567 Magnum, ready to do what was required...

The End

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