Chapter 2

"So...I bet you're a surfer coming from Australia and all." I say playfully to Kace before taking a bite of my pepperoni pizza.

Hayden thought it would be a great idea for all of us to go to our favorite pizza place "
The Tomato Shack"  for breakfast. He said it would be a good place for Kace and  him to catch up, along with a chance for me to get to know him better. 

Kace smiles at me after taking a sip of his sprite. "You guessed it." He replies, laughing. "But I'm not that good to be honest." 

Hayden shakes his head. "Oh don't be so modest Kace." He says with a grin then turns to look at me. "He's a natural." 

Kace just shrugs as he brushes away some blonde hair. "I guess I the people who've never surfed." He says, smirking at Hayden.

Hayden swiftly throws a piece of pepperoni at Kace then cracks up laughing when it sticks on his cheek.  

Kace grins and throws a french fry at his forehead. 

I shake my head but can't help laughing myself. "Come on guys!" I exclaim. "Hayden stop it! We came here to eat remember?" 

Hayden turns to me with an even wider grin. "Veni stop pretending you're embarrassed by us." He says mischievously . "You know you love me." Then he pulls me closer to him  before kissing me on the lips.

I let out a giggle and take another bite of my pizza, chewing it slowly. Suddenly I hear something vibrate and turn to see Hayden take out his phone, glancing down at the screen .  

I see him frown slightly as he lets out a sigh, sliding out of his seat before putting his phone back in his pocket.
Kace lifts up his head from his food with a confused look as he watches Hayden. 

 "What's wrong?" I ask Hayden, looking him up and down. 

"I have to go." He explains. "Swim meet today. I forgot but we can hang out later ok?" 

I immediately feel a twinge of nervousness but all I do is say "Ok..." and I  actually breath out the word.
Me being alone with a guy I've barely even met? What could go wrong?

The End

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