Chapter 1

Venice knows in her heart that she loves her boyfriend Hayden very much... but what will happen when she starts to fall for his friend Kace?... will she lose them both?

My clothes are totally soaked and clinging to my body by the time I walk up the wooden stairs of  Hayden's front porch but I'm not complaining. We hardly have time to see each anymore because of school so I'm ready to spend as much time as I can with him this weekend.

 We're having our classic scary movie sleepover tonight. This time the sleepover is at his house which seems so much bigger than mine.

 "Hayden! It's Venice " I yell before knocking on his door. "Open up!"

 I'm freezing since I'm only wearing my favorite tee-shirt, black with an american flag and navy shorts. What? I didn't expect it to rain...The door opens and Hayden's grey eyes grow huge as he looks at me. I can tell he desperately wants to laugh. 

 "Don't you dare say a word." I warn him playfully, brushing away some wet golden brown hair away from my eyes before taking a step inside.

 Hayden smiles, letting out the laugh he had been holding as he walks down the hallway."Need something to dry off with?" He asks when he comes back,  draping  a really warm towel around me. It must have just came out of the dryer.


"Thanks..." I say, kissing him on the cheek then something, well rather someone, catches my eye in the living room. There's a boy I've never met sitting on the sofa, just watching tv as if he does this everyday. He has blonde hair. Then when  he turns away from the tv  I see his beautiful light green eyes.

 My feet are suddenly feel frozen to ground and Hayden has to take my hand to lead me into the living room.

"Veni this is my friend Kace." He says, casually introducing the two us. "Kace this my girlfriend Venice."

 Kace gives me a friendly smile. "Pleasure to meet you." He says, looking at me with curious gaze. Hm...he has an Australian accent... 

The End

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