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In a land called Ellesmere where the world first got rid of a deadly disease, where people hold dangerous powers, there is an academy that caters to the Espers. Teaches them to fight. Uses them in the kingdom's wars. A young noblewoman is forced to go here when discovering that she has a destructive power that only her Esper bodyguard can keep from destroying anyone that comes near.

In life you're dealt a certain set of cards, as everyone is aware, those cards are normally shit. So, what any rational person would do is run away from their responsibilities and cards as fast as physically possible, sneak through alleyways, and put themselves on a train as far away from their cards as possible.

I’m currently in step two of the master plan to outrun my parents current agenda. The only two true problems that come to mind is, when I travel halfway across the world to a secluded nation, if police stop me I’m going to jail. Or… If he finds me first. I’m praying for option one if any of the options have to happen.

Though, I sincerely doubt he’d catch me this late in the game. I could almost smell freedom, which was lightly scented with a bad feeling.

“It’s just nerves, you’re so close you can taste it…” Repeating that mantra, I treked forward, checking every shadow, being sixty times more observant for signs of him. I should have been checking my surroundings and paying attention to them.

Being so focused on not getting caught, I hadn’t noticed the group of shady men entering my exit. My first innocent thought was ‘I’ll just keep my head down and they won’t notice me’, then the next realer thought was the bad feeling. ‘This is going to be bad’.

Okay, so running away from my deck of cards was a bad idea. However, I have a very good reason for doing so. For my entire life, save a month ago, I’ve been completely normal. Other than having a body guard that annoys the piss out of me, and growing up in a rich family, I’ve been normal.

Then, a month ago, my deck of cards drastically changed. In a fit of rage, caused by my very prestigious, emotionally harmful mother, I managed to completely destroy the entire left wing of our house.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t harmed in the blast and my father didn’t kill me. So, here I am, running away from Ellesmere Academy: School for the Gifted, because I refuse to be classified as… Whatever I am.

I mean… How can I even come to terms with that!? Plus, my body guard-If we can even call the brute that-is suppose to help me control my freak-ish-ness tendencies! I don’t want to control them! I don’t want them- I have completely ignored the main issue of facing the creeps too close for comfort.

“Hey, lady! What are you doing all by yourself?” Ew. Ew. Okay, just don’t answer, head down and I can probably stiff arm my way through.

As they walked closer, the thought of trying to get through them was seeming to be impossible. They blocked the entire alleyway, and the only way out was to run back the other way, which they’d probably catch me.

At this point I wasn’t worried about him finding me, I was more worried about what they’d do to me.

“You’re a little rude for not answering us, y’know?” The closer they got, the more I wanted to freeze up. If I got scared or angry I could take the entire street out, which would not work in my favor. “C’mon, we’re military, we’ll keep you safe.”

I could just throw up on them, that’s what their words made me want to do. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Come on, don’t be like that. You’d be fun for a night.” A night? What the hell, did they insinuate I was a whore?!

My fists instinctively balled at my sides “yeah, that’s nice. Treat me like a three dollar hooker! That’ll get you laid. Take some advice from me, walk your dirty selves back down the alley, go to the closest store that sells pepper spray, and shove the can up your ass.” Shock was the first noticeable emotion on their face, then it was followed with anger. “What? Did I piss you pups off?” Good! They can’t just go around and talk to a lady that way!

Even if the lady is sneaking through alleyways because she’s running from her problems.

The minute they advanced, probably to kill me, I turned to run right into an all too familiar chest. He had always been a head taller than me, muscular, charming.

“Wow, you sure know how to lay low and stay out of trouble…” I did mention charming right? Directing his eyes to the real problem at hand, he gave a simple sigh and stepped in front of me with a cocky grin. “Alright guys, take your wet dicks back the way they came. She’s taken.” By who? Who the hell gave him the right to- Shooting me a glare that said ‘keep your mouth shut’, he went back to lazily grinning at the now furious men in front of him.

I was a little worried, I mean, there were at least seven. I had never witnessed him do anything. In fact, he was the laziest guy I knew. There was no possible way he knew any type of martial arts! We were both doomed.

“Who are you! Do you speak for her?” Hell no! “It doesn’t matter, step out of the way kid, grownups were talking.”

It took him a while to get a come back for the burn he received earlier… That was a little lame. Running his fingers through his hair, his body stayed relaxed “you really don’t want to do this. I’m trying to help you. Walk away now, and none of you have to get hurt.”

“Who’s going to hurt us?!” With a roar of laughter, I was almost tempted to grab the idiot and run, but you reap what you sew. I was an asshole because they started it, he came into the scene as an asshole.

There was a shift in the air, even the fine young gentlemen felt it. “The ground is going to hurt you, I’m just going to put you there.” Seconds felt like minutes, he just stood there, it was if time just stood still, but I know it didn’t.

I maybe blinked twice, before groans of pain were heard and the devil was walking back towards me. “Well, let’s go home Princess.”

“Wha-” As he neared me, my confusion grew to the point of me developing a headache. “What in God’s name just happened?! You were just standing…. Then… They… What?!” He stood in front of me the entire time! It was only when I blinked the second time that I saw him walking back towards me… From standing in front of me?!

When I looked back up at him, he was maybe a few inches away staring with his stupid amused green eyes. Giving him my best glare, I stomped my foot on the ground. “I’m not going back. You’ll have to drag me by my hair.”

“As refreshing as that sounds, I’ll have to pass this time. In another circumstance, I’d love to drag you by the hair though.” He’s just as bad as the men I think are implanted into the ground. Before I could argue my case further, he swooped quickly to take me by surprise.

Cradling me against his chest, there was another lazy smile spread across his face as I raised hell down the entire alleyway. His damn freakish abilities kept my arms at my side, and my legs still.

That wouldn’t stop me from screaming until my voice was hoarse, and then I would hopefully destroy his ear drums so when I could move my arms, I would be able to sneak up on him and successfully punch him in the face.

“Scream all you want darling, it isn’t going to do any damage.” That he knew of, I was going to destroy his eardrums so my plan would end in success. After maybe an hour of me just hearing myself scream, I noticed little microscopic ear buds in his ear.

Giving my lethalist glare, I now knew why he was so smug. “You little…” No… Don't scream anymore. Then you’d give him more satisfaction than he already has.

Pouting the entire way back to my living personal hell, a prison of a school. I would have to bide my time to escape again. It would be easier if I could get a handle on my abilities, then I could probably shock him into a coma and make my easy escape.

He was so infuriating the entire way! With his stupid smile, his stupid hair, his stupid existence! God, this would be a lot easier with anyone but him! Who was this dedicated to a job? I was obviously annoying to deal with, he should cut his losses, quit, that way I won’t even have to leave in the dead of night. I can just leave in the afternoon, or some weird time.

I mean, who would suspect a runaway to leave at dinner time? Nobody, maybe that’s what I’d do the next time. If he would stop shadowing me so damn much.

The school was fast approaching, and I was dreading every second of returning. This was pointless, either let me go home, or don’t make me go to this stupid school. I didn’t want to learn anything about my abilities, obviously they were destructive, and I didn’t need that type of stress in my life.

It seemed like it took me longer to get to that cursed alleyway, we were back at the school way too soon. Unfortunately for him, the moment he released my arms, I was going to rip his hair out.

As we entered through the gates, I saw the dean upon other faculty members waiting for us. It didn’t matter, an audience was better for the hell I was about to unleash.

“Wonderful Pierce! In under 7 hours you managed to bring her back!” As well as my very annoying bodyguard, the dean of the school was in fact worse than Pierce. “Hopefully she is unharmed.”

With a roll of his eyes, I was set on the ground, but before I could even draw my hand back I felt the stupid man break into my mind. “Of course she is, that’s what I’m employed for.”

This was far worse than Pierce using his abilities. The stupid Dean sorted through my actions and wore his normal face splitting grin.

“Ah, but she did surprise you this morning. At least she’s not acting on impulse, her plan could have succeeded had anyone else been guarding her.” Yeah, just let me get control on my abilities just a little bit. I’d take this stupid school out the next time. “You’re a little firecracker today, Rosalie.”

The faculty along with stupid face, all chuckled at the use of my full name. “Get out of my head, it’s the only place I can escape from the chaotic hell that my life has turned into. And call me Rosalie again and I don’t care who I take out, so long as you get the memo that I do not wish to be called that name.”

“Oh… You are truly feisty this fine morning. Next time I’m going to assume you’ll leave later in the day to avoid the attitude?” I was going to kill this man. He was twice as infuriating as Pierce, who was always pissing me off.

I think they took a class specifically titled ‘How to piss Rose off in ten seconds or less’. Which wasn’t an understatement of how fast they could piss me off. It probably was faster than ten seconds.  

Of course Pierce had to give a damage report, I just wanted to go wallow in despair in my room. Another planned failed, and who knows when I’d be able to act on a new plan! Security would be kind of tight for a few weeks, he would get lazy from it, I might tie him to a bike rack to ensure my success the next time.

“Hey you,” flicking my forehead, which was rather painful, I put my fantasy escape plan on hold to follow Pierce back to my prison cell. “This place isn't so bad, you're victimizing yourself.”

“You grew up your whole life knowing what you were, I was informed a month ago that I wasn’t necessarily human. I think I'm reacting within reason.” I didn't even want to say that to him, but I refuse to let him make me into a brat.

An unknown expression crossed his face before his neutral lazy grin was in the expressions place. “If you get yourself killed the next time? I'll get in trouble for not doing my job.” All I was to this boy was a job.

“Then quit so I can die with a peace of mind.” My intended voice was meant to be indifferent, instead I just came out as spiteful.

“I could… however this is too much fun.” The immature little brat. “Plus, your company is to my liking. Except when you're running away at three a.m.”

Glaring up at him, my fist was just twitching to impact with his face.

I know he was expecting me to play his childish game, which I was going to sit this round out. “Whatever, where is my new prison cell?”

“Well, after I drop you off at all of your classes,” I could already tell security was going to be hell “since you’ve shown us we can’t leave you in a room by yourself, you’ll be staying in my dorm until we find a room capable of holding you.”

I couldn’t bite back the comment that came tumbling out of my mouth, but I regretted it the moment I spoke it “what, are you going to go to the bathroom with me?”

“If you’d prefer that, I’d be more than happy to accompany you.” His side glance had me fuming. His. Stupid. Lazy. Smile.

Grinding my teeth, I stormed past him. “I’m not going straight to class! I’ve been running all morning, I’m going back to the cell to freshen up. If you want to stay in my company then you won’t even think about using your stupid abilities to stop me.” Otherwise, I’d throw a colossal temper tantrum.

“I wouldn’t dream of that princess.” The dryness in his voice had my hand twitching again, but I refuse to give him the satisfaction that he was pissing me off. It was like having a brother, if you showed them that they were angering you, then they would keep it up. Let’s hope basic psychology worked on a heathen like him.

I knew he was waiting outside of my room for me. It would be pointless, I wouldn’t act on a new plan until he eventually let his guard down. I really didn’t want to risk learning about abilities I was only going to use to get myself out of here.

Victimizing myself… Whatever, he just didn’t care enough to see where I was coming from! I didn’t want to come here, it was a fluke I did what I did. Plus, that could have been a wiring malfunction, I can’t be responsible for an entire section of the house being destroyed. I couldn’t even handle myself in an alleyway full of idiots.

Maybe I can just learn some martial arts, it wouldn’t be uncommon for the next heir to want to learn abilities like that. I would have to get it cleared through mommy and daddy dearest, not to mention the insane dean. I mean, I wouldn’t probably ever be able to beat Pierce in a physical fight, not with his experience.

It would be a better plan than to just try and figure my freakish tendencies out. I almost got away, to the best of my knowledge today, so if all that stands in my way the next time is a bunch of rapscallion hooligans, I can take them or even outsmart them. If I could learn how to act instead of freeze up until my moment slips away, then I bet I could be free.

I would be able to just leave. I know I would be running away from a responsibility, but as I’ve stated, my cards are shit and I have no other alternative except falling in step with the path I’ve been given.

Which is not the cup of tea I need or want.

“Come on princess!” ugh… I was hoping he would be asleep by now. Why couldn't he pick today to be lazy?

Turning the boiling hot shower off, I debated on attempting to go for a sick bargain. My skin was probably hot enough.

No, he would use a thermometer, or he’d wait until well after I walked out of my room before testing my temperature with his hand. Who was I kidding, even though Pierce was younger than me, he didn’t have the intelligence of a rock, in fact, he was probably smarter than me.

I chose the school uniform for today, might as well show a little school spirit! If I could note the sarcasm in that, it was only because it was easy to put together. A plaid red and gray skirt, boys usually wore black pants, or jeans if they could get away with it, while girls wore a red button up blouse, boys chose a gray shirt and a red sleeveless sweater, while girls wore a gray sleeveless sweater. Of course in the winter we were allowed to wear leggings, in any of those three colors, with a long sleeved sweater of our choice. Then on designated days we didn’t have to wear our uniform.

I didn’t care if we had to wear a uniform today or not, hopefully I would stick out so much people wouldn’t talk to me, or I would blend in so much that I would disappear. His giant frame blocked the exit, I guess to most he didn’t really look like a bodyguard, just like a pissed off teenager who didn’t want to do much but breathe.

Even breathing might be a debatable activity of his. “If you would so kindly move so that I could get this day over with, that would be appreciated.”

Apparently his amused grin was going to adorn his face the whole freakin’ day. “Of course, the faster we move, the faster we get to Theory.” I should have gone with a sick plea, or even a shock plea. No wonder he was smiling like the devil just granted him a wish, his wish was to watch me suffer in Theory.

I didn’t care where my ability came from, and I barely knew anything about it! I was only curious for a bit, but when I asked twenty different people what ability I had, they side stepped my question like it was the plague.

Though all my actions to this point, aim at me being a brat, I wasn’t originally like this. Well, to an extent. I was an only child, spoiled rotten by my father, my mother probably couldn’t care less about me, she wanted a son. The roles in that totally switched, whereas my father worked himself practically to the bone to build this school, my mother inherited her money, and Pierce somehow became my bodyguard a few years back.

How I wish my ability was to go back in time, if one thing could change, I’d change my birth. Maybe come in and steal myself, then put myself in an underprivileged home. It’s a bit extreme, unfortunately that’s how extreme I was probably going to have to get.

So long as I didn’t sink lower than to whore myself out of the school, I could live with what I’d have to do.

“If you think too hard, smoke will start to come out of your ears.” A flick to the forehead brought me back to my current dilema. Theory. Stopping dead in my tracks, I calculated how loud I’d have to scream for Pierce to finally give in and let me go back to his dorm or mine. “Alright princess, let me stop you before you do something to embarrass yourself.” How in the hell did he know?! “You get this look in your eye, and you really can’t hide your emotions very well.” Crossing his arms, he was more like my father than my bodyguard. “We’re going to Theory, and despite what you think, I’m never against dragging you kicking and screaming.”

Releasing my sigh, my arms crossed of their own accord. I guess I wanted to throw another attitude. “I don’t remember what king died to put you in charge. Plus, you’ll probably skip anyways!”

“Unfortunately for you, you have people you have to answer to. Get on my level, i.e. go to class, and eventually people will answer to you.” I swear to every God in the skies I was going to kick his ass the first chance I got.

Implying that I answer to him! Please! He answers to my father, and if my father were to stop employing him, then he would have to answer to someone! “Obviously you’ve been on your high horse for too long, and can’t hear this far down,” Raising his eyebrow, he leaned down right into my personal space “I don’t answer to you, or to anyone!” Raising my hand, I expected it to hit him, but of course, it was frozen just centimeters from his face.

“You should know I’m not that easy to hit.” Just take deep even breaths and imagine it. Better yet, imagine kicking him in the groin, that way, he suffers more. “Suck it up, buttercup.” Releasing my hand, he waited for me to turn in the direction of our class before speaking again “if it were up to me, you’d be able to do whatever you wanted.”

Although he sounded genuine, I couldn’t trust a damn word of it. “And you’re going to add, unfortunately because I’m employed by your father, you can’t get what you want. Then you’ll do that stupid lazy grin, and we’ll be back to square one with me trying to beat the shit out of you, and you’ll step right back up onto that high horse. So, let’s just skip those steps and continue on in silence.” Though he was only shocked for a moment, he simply shrugged and continued to walk just a step ahead of me. Stupid, annoying, brat!

We entered into the class late of course, Pierce fired off an excuse that didn’t even touch what really happened. ‘Oh yeah, Rose just ran off again. And like a good little puppy, I ran right after her and brought her back!’

Taking my seat at the far back left corner, next to a window just in case an emergency suicide needed to take place, Pierce sat next to a man I’d seen him talk to a few times. I didn’t know if they were friends or not, actually I didn’t know much about him. Not that I cared to learn, my life would be a whole hell of a lot easier without him.

Just zone out and hope the teacher doesn’t ask a question, well, I mean even if they did I wouldn’t answer. I just didn’t understand Theory! I mean, you had to know your ability to apply the theories, I was completely and utterly lost in the damn class! Glancing over, I saw Aries just completely passed out.

My mouth dropped open in shock, how in God’s name was he going to force me to come to class when I was just as tired as him!? “It’s wrong isn’t it?” The girl sitting next to me, whispered, I barely realized she was speaking to me, until she nodded at douche nozzle. “He’s always been like that.”

She knew Pierce? “How long have you known him?”

This was probably worse than zoning out on the teacher, I was just blatantly ignoring them. “Too long in my opinion, we grew up here together. Only a few kids are like us, but I’ve known him long enough to know his personality.”

“I apologize for him, though I wish I knew why he was such an…” Could I call him an asshole to this complete stranger?

Chuckling low, she nodded “asshole.”

“I like you.” Sharing an uncommon opinion about a very popular man was incredible in this school. Most girls fawned over him. “I’m Rose.”

“I know, you’re like a deity here. Girls want to literally be you, I’m shocked no death threats have been issued.” Pfft! They can have him. “I’m Alice, I can already see we’re going to have a beautiful friendship.” Oh, how right she was. Not that I planned on staying here long, but it wasn’t like I could complain to Pierce about my problems. He didn’t give two shits.

Before I could respond, a hand slammed on both of our desks. “Ladies,” Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. “You two can see me after class for a pop quiz since you think you can ignore me and still pass. It’ll count for twenty percent of your grade.”

Alice glanced over, at my probably distraught face and came in for a save “I was trying to get her caught up, there’s so much to know with Theory and she was confused. I’m sorry, we’ll do our best on the quiz.” Wait! That wasn’t much of a save!

Sighing, the teacher bent down to our level “the next time I see you two disrespecting me, I’ll hold true to my threat. Rose, you can see me after class and I’ll be happy to catch you up.”

“Yes ma’am.” Okay, maybe she did save me, but I still had to stay after class. When I glanced at the clock on the wall, I caught Pierce’s amused stare, him and his other friend exchanged a look before he resumed sleeping and his friend gave his attention back to his desk.

After a few minutes, I glanced at Alice who was already smiling at me. I really don’t think any good would come from our friendship, like I actually gave a shit.

I did my best to pay attention from there on out, which was like handing me a book in the old language and saying ‘Translate’. The disclosure on that is, I didn’t know the old language very well. I’d probably tell you some crazy story about a dog and chicken saving potatoes. Which made as much sense as this theory class.

When class was finally over, I saw Pierce had already made his escape, looks like I was going to face the music alone. “We have gym next period, I’ll wait outside for you.” I was glad that Alice had a sense of humanity!

I didn’t know where I was going in the school at all, and Pierce knew that!

“Rose, I don’t think you should be off in la la land when you don’t understand a class that you need to understand to use your ability.” If I knew that ability, maybe this class would be easier. “I understand your restrictions, however, that does not mean you can zone out or just blatantly disregard me.” Translation: Just because daddy built the school doesn’t mean I can fail and still make it out with money. “We’re trying to figure out your ability, until then, you’re unfortunately going to have to be patient with us.”

“I’m sorry.” If that’s what she wanted hear, if not I had fifty other ways to phrase that. My eyes shot up to meet hers, which weren’t pleased. “What do you want me to say? This is an entire different world, I’m use to learning trivial history, memorizing that for a test, then forgetting it existed. I’m bad at this, and every other class I’m in! In my other school I could apply, whereas now, I just have to remember and when you finally figure out what’s wrong with me, then I have to apply.”

Crossing her arms, she rolled her eyes and took the seat in front of me “there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. How do you think I feel being one of the only humans in this school?” Wait what?! My eyes opened in shock. “That’s right, me and maybe three other people in this entire academy are humans. We really don’t fit in.”

Don’t let that shock you Rose… “You three still know what you are, and you know more about me than I do! I don’t even want to be here.”

“Well, you are here. So you might as well learn something. Also, take it easy on Aries, he doesn’t have it as easy as he makes it out to be.” Scribbling a note she all but shoved me out of the classroom.

Alice stood against the lockers smiling “she’s always been a treat… Well, let’s go to gym before that professor calls in the troops on you.”

Chuckling, I read the barely legible ‘Excuse them for their tardiness’. No name, nothing. As if our next teacher was going to take this note!

“Well, this note isn't going to do much for us and I'm a bit hungry. Can we grab food before gym?” I'd take whatever punishment that horrid teacher decided to dish out. It wouldn't compare to the torture I'd try to put Pierce through.

Taking a moment to consider my proposition, she grinned. “It seems like a terrible idea, but I am hungry.” Peeking at our note she kept her happy appearance up. “We're late anyways.”

Stopped by a stand that was open, we both ate while walking to our class across campus, where the teacher stood waiting. “Ms. Elle, and Ms. Hemmings. May I ask why the both of you are horribly late?” Best to let Alice do the talking.

She did get us out of the Theory issue. “No excuse ma'am. Rose and I were hungry.”

I couldn't help but to widen my eyes at her, was brutal honesty really the best policy in this case?! Trust her judgement Rose..

“Then you two wouldn't mind running extra laps with all the excess energy you gained from eating just now. Instead of twenty laps… Let's go thirty?” This has to be a joke… I could do thirty laps, but not sleep deprived! This woman was a monster.

Taking my hand Alice led me into the locker room. “She's being considerate with the thirty laps. Aries is going to get it worse than we are.”

“He can bet on that, not just from her.” Let's hope that sandwich didn't revisit me for the thirty laps.

The End

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