I had become different over this summer. My mom and I spent a special day buying bras and tampons. I was mortified when the male cashier rung us up and he joked about having to get this stuff for his wife. My mom only laughed, and they both thought my red face was hilarious.

Bras are new for me. I mean I'm only an A but my mom couldn't be prouder. She says all the other girls will be envious of me. I really don't need anyone to be jealous on the first day of school. She and I drive home and Frank meets her at the door with a big kiss. She laughs and they retreat upstairs. I don't see her again until the next morning. One good thing about almost never seeing anybody is that I can come to the kitchen, get a bowl of cereal before the cook arrives and run back to my room all in my nightshirt. This morning though, Anderson is sitting at the kitchen table as well, a bowl of cheerios already out in front of him.

“Morning. Looks like we both had the same idea.”

“Yeah gourmet isn’t really what I like so early in the morning.”

I smile and he grins back at me.

“You have a pretty smile.”

I shrug and blush a little. “Thanks. Could you pass that stuff?”

He hands me the milk and cereal and I fix a bowl. But before I can go back to my room he stops me. “You don’t want to join me?” Of course. I’m so rude.

“Sorry, habit.” I sit down at the table and as we eat, I ask, “Are they ever going to come down from there?”

“Yeah, I don’t see my Dad much. He’s a busy man and all that. But the house is big enough and there’s plenty to do.”

“What do you do?”

He looks sheepish, “I play video games, actually. Kind of done with all the rest of it. Do you wanna play?”

I shrug, “Why not. But I’ll probably be terrible.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you. Mario is easy, so we could start with that.”

“Whatever you want.”

The End

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