Mary-Margaret has only one friend in the whole world. A friend who doesn't think that Mary Margaret needs any others. Jenna only wants to help Mary-Margaret and she does quite often. Whenever Mary's life becomes too much, Jenna is only too happy to step in.

My name is Mary-Margaret Crane. Mary-Margaret was my great grandmother’s name and my Mother loved her dearly…apparently. I was a miracle child. My mother had a one night stand with some guy who was totally unworthy of her. Nine months later I opened my eyes to the world that would eventually only let me down. I was a loner in elementary school. I hated my school, mostly because of the fact that people thought I was stupid because I was poor, so I got stuck in remedial classes. Right before I got to seventh grade my Mom married Frank. They'd been dating for a while and my Mom was totally love struck. I know she wouldn't marry for money, but I'm pretty sure she won the husband jackpot. He doesn't live in a mansion...but it's pretty close. Frank is really cool but he used to be in the military so he has a lot of rules and stuff at his house.  Seventh grade is where it all begins though. My mother may have won the jackpot but I got gypped. When we moved, I all but got confined to this one side of the house. Frank has this rule about not coming onto the Master suite on the third floor and  they were up there for like a month after they got married, which just left me to deal with Anderson. He wasn't so bad though. He was 19 and he was on the computer a lot. But he was nice to me from day one. At least at first. Which is where my real story begins.

The End

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