Two CursesMature

Two people are cursed. Neither can die; neither can live. Both have given up on life until they meet each other.

Chapter 1

The party is in full swing with the band in the corner playing a jocund song that is to be danced to.  Dancing and twirling, the royals of Alakante are truly enjoying themselves; the King and Queen of Alakante sit upon their thrones, watching the activity below with smiles, laughter, and occasional applauses.  With a bored frown, the Prince stands beside his throne, obviously not enjoying himself.

But he is required to be here like all the royals of the nineteen provinces of Alakante are required to be here.  This party is celebrating the victory of a war long fought between Alakante and Ithany, a neighbouring country.  The war had been fought for seven long years and finally had ended when the Prince invaded and overthrew the king of Ithany.  This is a celebration for the Prince and the royals; the provinces of Alakante will either split the land among themselves or will make new provinces that add to their nation's power and resources.

The band is starting a slower song that sounds more like a waltz with the tune sending shivers down the Prince's spine.  The song is Lon'opheilon Walzai; the song that the was written for the Prince's deceased wife.  Written by the Royal Composer of Alakante, Ayel Ution, it is the most popular song throughout the land; the Prince had asked a long time ago to have it decreed unlawful because of respect of the dead, but the people of Alakante love the song too much.  Thus, the King had no choice, but to allow it.

The Prince's father and mother look over at him, wanting to comfort their son, but his knuckles are white from where he is gripping his throne. Then his eye catches Lady Elvira Duin'uil, the woman who wants to marry him; the woman he despises more than life itself.  She is rude and arrogant, and he cannot stand her.

The song comes to an end just as Elvira begins to walk toward the dais.  The King and Queen sigh simultaneously, with the Prince right behind them.

The End

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