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''Wotch where they's goin' Trace.  Praps if we find their place we can figger aht wot ta do.''

''Tell ya wot, Kev, I'm bleedin pissed off wiv all viss crap nah.''

''Fuckin ell Trace, Look wot that silly bitch is doin nah!''

''Wot Kev?  Can't bleedin see, can I?  Me air's cummin aht in chunks an fallin in my eyes.''

''Well, wot it is, Trace.  There's im limpin along da road, wiv a trail a blood drippin frum is ead, an she's crawlin beyind im on er ands an knees lickin it up.  Wot a larf,  innit?''

''Where's they off ta, Kev?''

''Dunno Trace, looks like they's disappeared inta them woods kinda fing like.''


''Where's they soddin gone nah, Trace?''

''Wotchoo askin me for Kev, I still can't blinkin see, can I?.  Fuckin air.''

''Ang on,less arks this ol bloke.  Oi mate!  Ave you seen a bleedin stoopid lookin geezer an a skinny-assed bird?''

''Oi darn't roightly know, moi dearie.  Ee arrren't fum round earrrr, arrrr ee?   In fact, most folks fum round earrr arrren't fum round earrrr.''

''Wot the fuck does that mean?''

''Search me, Kev, I fink e's a bit mental.  Less go.''

''Hold eee harrrd, moi foine booty.  Oi do be the roight one to arrrsk.   Ee were arrrskin about two folks ooo do parrss boi me?  They werrre lollopin along.  One of em werrre bleeedin - baaaaad.  The other werrre.... a bootiful ladeee.''

''Yeah - sahnds like them.  Where did they go?''

''Oi reckens they werrre gurrrn twarrrds that theerrr carrrstle, overrr yarrnderrr...''

''Right - cummon Kev''

''Fairrr ee well, moi booties.''


The End

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