Too Late!Mature

"They's after us Kev!"

"Shit an they are! Wot do we do Trace?"

"Run faster like?"


"Can't lose em! Fuckin ell they's fast!"

"Ere duck rahnd this corner. Quick!"

"Alf a mo, wassat? Look ere Trace!"

"Nice one! An I got a arf a brick ere n all! Lemme get me sock orf."

"Shi-it that bloody stinks!"

"Iss all the air like, muss catch all me sweat."

"Ok, ready? Wait for it..."


"OWwww! Sheet!"

"Oh my Darlink, zey ave urt your ead!"

"Yeah! Serve im right!"

"Nice shot Trace!"

"Cheers Kev."


The End

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