Wotever Next?Mature

''Why-eye, canny lad.  Ya-aall reet?  Hae ye got an inviet liek?''

''WOT?  You avin a larf?''

''I fink e's one a them Geordies, Kev.''

''Aye, canny lass.  Tha's reet.  Ah liek yer hair.  Yee gandie leik Bob Marley, liek.''

''We got vis invite ere.''

''Ah, that'll dee.  Tha's canny good.  Yee can gan in, pet.''

''Oi, i'm gettin the right ump wiv people callin me a pet.  I'm a yooman bein!''

''Ave you seen a geezer wot looks a bit like a vampire....errr...liek?''

''Aye, canny lad.  He divvnae gandie git well, liek yee.  Yer skin's reet peaky, liek.  He were ganning ower theer bi the nettie wi a lass in black.  Reet crabby pair.''

''Cummon Trace.  Less av a look.''


''Kev.  Is that im?  Wiv vat skinny lookin bitch?''

''Fuckin ell Trace, it is an all.  Wot do we do nah?  Shit. I'm scared''

''Me too.  I dunno, Kev, Ya said yerself my... thing might be wearin off, praps yours is gonna an all.''

''Nah, Trace, we ave ta do summink.  Less go an lissen ta wot they's sayin.''


''Zo, Belladonna.  Vot zhall ve do viz all zeez mortals to choose from?  Do you zee any vorthy veecteems?''

''Oh my Lord.  Leetle do zey know vot vee are planning for zem.''

''Oh.  Belladonna, Vee must be careful zees time.  The seeelly man I took last night ees leaving a trail vitch could lead straight to us.''

''Yes, and I vos hearing zat hees voman wos taken by Lord Wolf.  Thees is... unfortunate, no?''

''Zey must be... dealt with.  Vee must call in zee cheeeldren of zee night.''


''Trace!  Leg it!''





The End

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