The Kings EadMature

‘’How we gunna find im though, Kev. Where were it e bit ya?’’

‘’Der! Silly bleedin caaah! On the neck a course. Look.  Ere.’’

‘’Nah, Kev. I mean where? What place? Ello! WHERE WOZ YA!’’


‘’Sshhhh. Kev, them pigs’ll be over ere.  Nah. Where. Woz. Yoooo. When you waz bit?'‘

'’Ya don ave to say it like that.Trace. I aint fick. I was ahtside the Kings Ead wiv Dave. E wennoff ome, then I woke up on a bleedin slab din I?''

 ‘’I dunno, Kev, praps we needs to go ta the Kings Ead then. Ang abaht, like. Case this git turns up there?’’

 ‘’Ya fink so, Trace?’’

 ‘’Yeah, only way we’s likely ta find im innit.’’


''Fancy a pint, Trace?''

''Nah.  Bag a pork scratchins'll do me.''

''Get a seat then, I'll geddem in.''

''Oi!  Any bleedin sod servin ere?''


''Bleedin Bloody Mary and a bag a them scratchins innit.''

''Kay.  Hey.  There was a bloke in just now looked a bit like you.  Sorta pale an that.''


''E wuz wiv a lady in a black dress.  Goin somewhere posh I reckon.  She was oldin a pair a tickets.  They came in to ask the way to the Town All''

''Ferget the drink!  Trace!  We's leavin.''

The End

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