Wot a PalaverMature

"Ai say Officah, theh seem to be two hexceedingly suspicious hindividuals lurking in the public pahk! Ai'm shewah ai dewn't knewa what this district is coming tew!"

"Alright Missus, where were they?"

"Jhust in the pahk ewver behind the hawse chestnut. Hwan of them rhealleah is vereah haireah. It ghave me such a staht!"

"Airy you say? Was the other one very pale?

"Ai should say sew."

"Right, thanks missus. Could I just take your name?"

"Ladeah Dorotheah Harrington-Chough."


"Oh shi-it Trace, I fink they seen us."

"Fuck! It jes aint fair. You sure?"

"They's comin this way! Bloody interferin ol biddy! Wish I'd a let you eat er now."

"Me? It wos you wanned ta drink er blood. Can't see why meself. Dried up ol cow like that!"

"We gotta get goin, they's gettin closer."

"Wot about our benefits! Aw Kev, I'm scared!"

"Me too Trace. We's gotta stick tagevver. I know wot we should do. We'll go find that sod wot bit me and shove is ead in."

"An find the sod wot bit me n all! Fuckin bastard. I gotta fing or two I wants ta tellim!"

"Fuckin right!"


The End

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