"Fuckin ell Kev, wouldya look at that!"

"Oh my gawd, wot's appened nah?"

"Get yer and offer yer eyes an you'll see."

"Fuck Trace, that sun's a blinder. Gotta get me an at!"

"Jesus fucking Christ Kev, the ol estate's all rahnd our ahse! They looks mental! There's ol Mash wiv an ammer an Missus Jenkins and Missus Robb from dahn the bookies!"

"Shi-it yeah I see em. Wot they after? Iss like when everyone fought ol Mr Fortiss woz a peado. Wot they doin! Bloody cheek of it!"

"They's smashin our winders! See that? Fuckers! Wot we ever do ta them? Sharon's there wiv a bat! Wot a cheeky cunt! Like er Tyron don't make enuff trouble rahnd ere!"

"Shit yeah, er Tyron's got asbo's comin aht is ears!"



"They's smashin our door in Kev! I'm not watchin em do it! I SEEN YER SHARON! GERROF MY WINDER YER RANK COW! Oh Shit!"


"They seen us. Fuckin ell Kev, leg it!"


"I said LEG IT!"




"OK I fink we's lost em."

"Fank gawd for that! I don't fink I've run so fast in all me life!"

"Did yer see em! They add ammers and big wooden fings!"

"Yeah bits of our bloody fence! The Council aint gonna be pleased!"

"Shit, where do we go now?"

"I jus remembered Trace, I gotta sign on today."

"Fuck, well less get dahn there. Don't want em stoppin yer benefits, not on topper everyfin else!"

The End

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