The blood bankMature

''You sure this is the right place Kev?''

''Trace, shut your lip, it's a ospital innit?  Smells a sick an pongy antidisinfecticide an that, dunnit?''

''Yeah but weren't we sposed ta go ta ahtpatients an see the speshalists an stuff?  This bit jus looks like a ... dump.''

''Ang abaht, puddin, look.   Wot's this say?  Hame?  Heem? Heem-a-tologog-ology.  I dunno Trace,  its all long words innit?  Looks right ta me.''

''Wots that fridgy fing over there, Kev?''

''Oh.  Oh Trace I geddit!  I fink this bit's like the caff.  Like for relatives wot as got their mum or dad or wotever dyin or wotever like sorta fing.  This is where they come ta ave a cuppa while theys worryin.  It's like one a them vendin machine fingies innit.''

''You got any dosh, Kev.  I aint got nuffink.''

''Old up Trace.  The door just opens like.  Lotsa stuff in 'ere.  Lets ave a look.  Packed cells O plus.  Whole blood AB minus.  Gawd Trace it's makin me firsty.''

''Elp yerself then dahlin.  'Ere.  I got some nail scissors in me bag.  They don't make em easy to open, do they?  Jus like them packs a cheese dahn the supermarket.''

''Cheers Trace.  Fancy a swig?  There's lots ere.''

''Nah I'm fine Kev.  I'm still bleedin stuffed from that doctor.''

''You sure, puddin?  Aaah!  Tell ya wot, it's bloody lovely this.  Ere Trace.  You noticed summink?''

''Wot, Kev?''

''You aint done no more a that owlin all day.  Not since it's bin daylight.  Why'dya fink that is?''

''Fuck me if I know, Kev.  I'm just glad it's stopped.  It was worse than iccups, know wot I mean?  Keep opin it don't start up no more.''

''Yeah I know.  I wuz gettin the right ump wiv ya.  Praps yer gettin better.  Still bleedin airier than King bloody Kong though, intcha?''

''Aw Kev, don't go on abaht it.  Less go ome now eh?  You finished yer drink?''

Yeah all right Trace.  I'll just stick a coupla bags in me pocket fer the bus.''

''You posted that letter ta the council yet?''

''Nah.  I'll stick in the post box on the way ome.''

The End

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