Sees RedMature

"Shift up a bit Kev will yer?"

"Not a chance."

"Don't be a tosser."

"I'm fuckin not! Look at my and! That bleedin sun's doin my ead in. Look, I got blisters!"

"Ow'd yer fink I feels! They wouldn't let me on ere wivaht a lead. Bloody bus service. Dunno what the country's comin to I don't! AN YOU CAN STOP FUCKIN STARIN AN ALL YER SMARMY BASTARDS!"

"Keep it down in the back!"

"Yeah yeah, sorry Drive!"

"Shut it Trace or they'll chuck us off."

"Woss the matter wiv you? You got a right ump."

"Dint mean ta kill im did I?"

"Shut up! There's people listenin!"

"I don't fuckin care."


"Nah Trace. I dunno. I jus sees red. We gotta get cured."

"The hospital'll sort us aht. No problem. Aw Kev love, we'll be alright. NO THANKS TO THESE SHITTY EARWIGGIN FREAKS!"


"Yeah, I said alright dint I?Look at me keepin it down!"



"Shut up."

"Excuse me young man, but your dog looks rather fierce!"


"Right that's it. You two. OFF! NOW!"

"Aw Trace look wot you did."

"Aint done noffin."

"Right. Now we gotta walk."




The End

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