Two Brothers of Ill Repute


“Yeah, you really can tame ‘em,” Reed whispered, the rattlesnake hovering just inches from his face.  Before it struck he leapt up and began to walk away casually.  For a boy of twelve, Reed was unbelievably tall and thin.  Most adults guessed he was fifteen. Still staring at the snake, his younger brother Bobby followed him more cautiously.

“But it takes time, right?”  Bobby asked, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

“Oh yeah, but once you tame one you can tame them all,” Reed replied, almost disinterested.  “I’ve just never been able to find the time.  But I bet you could.”

“Yeah?  You think?”  Brian worked to look as disinterested as his older brother.

“Yeah, I mean you don’t have the responsibilities I do,” Reed pulled up a long strand of grass and placed it between his palms with care, “you know, I just don’t have the time for that kid stuff anymore.  I have better things to do.”

“That’s true,” Bobby shifted to look into the sunset, “you have school and work and girls.  Oh, wait.  So do I…”

“You don’t have girls to deal with,” Reed snorted, “you are too young.”

“Good thing you aren’t a girl,” Bobby answered, “you’d be the only one who thinks so.”

Reed picked up a small rock and tossed it at Bobby who responded by launching himself over the log Reed sat upon and wrestling him to the ground.  Bobby pinned Reed’s face against a sycamore root.

“Say Ashley Louise has the face of a cow! Say Ashley Louise has the face of a cow!”

Reed struggled helplessly.  Even a girl could hold him down in this tough of a hold.

“Ashley Louise has the face of a cow!”  Reed yelled.

Bobby chuckled as he let him up.  Reed began rubbing his neck, “Although I’ve never seen a cow as gorgeous as that girl,” he smiled.

The End

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