✾ Two Breaths Walking ✾

Reyra has always been shunned at her school for looking different, Reyra is albino. So she moves school and meets Nick, who is an ordinary boy at his school. The story is written from Nick's perspective as Reyra changes his life in so many different ways.

My life is pretty dull.

I've always thought this, and have grown use to this painfully simple conclusion.  

'Hey, Nick. We've got a new student today.' Chris told me as he plodded his way up the last flight of stairs, at the very top of the tower block, 'a girl.'

'Really, now? And what makes you think I'd be interested in this new girl?' I asked suspiciously.

'Well. I know your type is the delicate, cute girl. And Sam's brother's friend's girlfriend's cousin's little sister went to the same school as her. Apparently she's all quiet and sweet.' He informed me in one breath.

'Want to run that by me once more?' I laughed, 'did you do the maths homework?' 

'Yeah. But you're not copying.' He puffed out his cheeks, sitting down on the very top step, cradling his bag to his chest as though to guard it from my homework-stealing clutches. 

'Whatever.' I grunted, flipping my fringe from my face. I don't especially love my hair, but that doesn't change the fact that everyone now calls me a queer because I dyed it apple-red. I just wanted a change, so I didn't have to look at the same person every single time I look in the mirror. My mum almost clocked me one when she saw the bloody mess I'd made in the bathroom, red was splattered everywhere and there wasn't a tile in the shower which hadn't been dyed crimson. 

'I wonder if she's pretty?' Chris pondered aloud, drawing patterns on the back of his bag with his finger.

'Probably not, the last new girl we had was a right ugly cow.' I snorted, 'I really do wonder how she became so popular with all the other boys?'

'Because she's friends with the other popular people. Therefore she is in the everlasting dating circle.' Chris mumbled, he'd had his fair share of run-in's with the girls of our year. He's been rejected by every single girl he's asked out so far.

'Um, excuse me. Is that Mr Jones's form room up there?' A high, clear, irish voice asked. I turned around and my heart missed, like, three beats.

She had skin the colour of fresh, untouched snow, her pallid tone only to be ruined by her rosy cheeks. Long, wavy hair, which was a silvery white hung to her hips in loose curls. She was kind of short, but curvy. But her eyes -oh her eyes- were what captivated me the most, those pools of a pale blue practically made me weak at the knee's. 

Chris looked at me like I was crazy, 'yeah it is, are you the new girl by any chance?' He asked.

'Ah... Yes.' She smiled, her light pink lips stretched into a smile. 

'I'm Chris Stafford.'

'Oh, and, um, I'm Nick Richardson.' I told her, stumbling over my words.

She nodded, 'I'm Reyra Lume. I moved here from Ireland.' 

Her accent wasn't like the ones I'd seen on the TV, it wasn't hard to understand at all. It was like sugar, sweet and high-pitched yet not annoying in the least.

'Cool.' Chris bobbed his head and an awkward silence filled the space between the three of us. We all jumped when a couple of shrieking girls skipped up the stairs. They retreated to their corner by the window and whispered furiously before going over to Reyra.

'Hi!' Sally beamed, 'I'm Sally.'

'Oh, I'm Reyra.' She said shyly, shaking the hand that Sally had stuck out in front of her.

'I'm Kristen.' Said Sally's companion. Reyra smiled. 

Little did I know back then, how much of an impact Reyra would have on my life.

The End

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