The Liddell's have been riduculed for the past 15o years after the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" came out. Desperate to regain their status as upstanding scientists, they have taken matters into their own hands, even going so far as to operate on a child's brain. The question is, will their brilliance be recognized by the public, or will the amoral situation outweigh the enigma of the operated child?

 Dr. Liddell leaned over the surgical table, admiring her fine handiwork. After all, it had been nearly impossible to perform such a menacing task. She had diligently prepared her whole life in order to complete what she had just accomplished.

Sighing contentedly, the way one does after achieving their life goal, Dr. Liddell smiled for the first time in what felt to be decades. In response, the little girl on the table beneath her breathed in deeply and peacefully, as if she were in the middle of a wonderful dream. Liddell wondered if that was the case. After all, at this very moment the girl's brain was probably processing the information... decoding memories and thoughts and taking them to be her own perceptions. The doctor gazed lovingly upon the child; if this worked, then it would all be worth it. The years spent readying herself would seem but a moment if the girl's mind cooperated.

Exhaling in an attempt to control her own vicious hope, Dr. Liddell began to clean the area, wiping the girls skull gently, removing the fresh blood with a sterilized washcloth. There was only a faint pink line left from the incision, it curved almost lovingly along the nape of the girl's neck, reaching around to kiss each pulse point.

There was, of course, another scar. It ran from ear to ear atop her crown, hidden by the thick mop of white-blonde hair that covered the girl's head. It was a bit lumpy and uneven, for the girl had still been struggling when the doctor made that incision. She supposed that she - in her excitement - had given the girl less sedatives then was required for the operation. Liddell winced as she remembered the girl's high, fearful screams. They had fluked higher and higher until suddenly they stopped. Blood loss, the doctor reasoned. Now the girl lay silent, motionless except for the light vertical movement of her diaphragm.

Liddell could not help but smile at the child - her child, her creation - and leaned over, stroking the youth's cheek. She bent down even further, intending to place a peck on the progeny's forehead.

But the child started twitching.

The doctor backed away, horrified. Were the drugs already wearing off? Groping for a syringe, she watched as the girl's eyes fluttered open; pupils fully dilated even in the bright, sterilized light of the lab.

"Faveo id basium femina, faveo quislibet contactus." The Latin came out of the girl's mouth with such ease, the doctor had to grip the counter for support. This was completely impossible, for even if the sedatives had worn off - which was highly unlikely considering the dosage - the girl should not be lucid enough to speak. Even more so a language that she didn't even know five hours ago!

Grasping a tranquillizer, Liddell lunged forwards and plunged it into the child's arm. She stepped away, her heart racing, not even bothering to pull the needle out. The progeny relaxed as the medication spread through her blood stream, calming each taut nerve.

"Dimitto." The girl muttered before her eyelids slipped shut. Liddell stood for a moment in shock, trying to calm herself and failing drastically. A light beep resounded in the near-silent lab, and the doctor raced towards her purse and dug out her cell phone.

"Arthur," she began recognizing the number, "Ophelia...she...woke up..." Sobbing, she listened as her husband, her mentor, babbled on the other side of the line.

"Lavinia? What do you mean? Did the operation work?" Arthur prattled on nervously, trying to be reassuring but eventually ditching the facade. He understood that Lavinia, Dr. Liddell, that was, knew what he was getting at.

Sniffling, Lavinia raised her head. "Yes, Arthur, the operation was a success."

"You don't seem entirely pleased about it."

"The operation has had unforeseen effects on the child's cognizance, Arthur. Her deciphered the foreign brain mass's memory with such efficiency..." Lavinia shook her head, bewildered.

"I don't understand." Arthur stated. "How can any of this new information be negative?"

"We have to send her away, Arthur." The line was silent. "When she woke up, she saw me. She spoke to me. In Latin. Arthur, the girl remembers what I did to her. I don't know how she possibly can, but either way, she's a liability. We need to get out of here."

It was quiet for a few long moments before Arthur spoke. "I'll make the arrangements. You take care of Ophelia."

"I will." Lavinia said. "Goodbye, Arthur." Hitting the "End" button, she placed the phone back in it's compartment, then proceeded to walk over to her desk. Casting an agitated glace at the child - Ophelia - lying on the operation table, she took a deep breath. With the amount of tranquillizer in her system, the child was not likely to be waking up any time soon.

Snorting disdainfully, Averhill sat herself at her desk,  pulling out the keyboard and typing in her password. She searched through a myriad of files before finally finding the one she was looking for. She stared at it for a moment - her eyes watering at the waste of data - before sending it to a safe, hidden account and deleting it.

The End

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