I pouted for the rest of Sex Ed class, which turned out to be the second worst moment of my life. 

Mr. Sockwallow was a disgusting, dirty old man. He told us all sorts of unfathomable horrific lies, and I swear to you, (and would I lie?) he was looking right at me the entire time. Ugh... it makes me cringe just thinking about it. I promised myself that I would report him for this harassment, in 10-12 years when I finally open myself up, and unblock the repressed memories of the rest of the things that probably happened in that classroom.

As soon as the bell rang, I was out of my seat faster than a bullet, and yet... I sighed... nowhere near as fast as that perfect sack of silken luscious man-meat, Edgar. How did he do it? How? I wanted to know. I deserved to know. Never had I ever been stormed out on, with such passion and ferocity...

Between Edgar and Mr. Sockwallow, I had worked up quite an adrenaline rush at that time. I realized that I had no other option than to simply leave the school immediately. The rest of my classes could wait one extra day for me to show up, and I was probably already a few weeks ahead of them. 

I intended to leave immediately, but I didn't. 

This is the point where I must admit to you, kind readers, that I am sometimes tempted by Satan. I am only human, and the devil is very powerful. But please do not think any less of me, because after all, I don't act on my temptations. I just pursue them to the point where I find out I can't have them, and then give up. It's God's way of rewarding me for all of my other strengths.

As I was heading for the front door, I changed my mind. I needed to find Edgar, no matter where he was. Even if I had to stand outside of a classroom and stare at him for an hour, I would do it. I suddenly didn't care if I felt beautiful or not, even when I did pass someone in the hallway. I didn't swoosh my hair for anyone, or smile in a slightly different direction as I passed them. I just walked, with purpose, through every hall of the entire school, looking inside each classroom for Edgar. 

But he was gone.

That... was the worst moment of my life. I felt as though I had been possessed by some hellish being who lusted after another person instead of herself. I was controlled by an insane desire to find Edgar, and for what? To gawk at him without even bothering to look pretty? I mean, it just didn't make any sense. I was completely not myself, and it terrified me.

As the bitter truth washed over me, that Edgar had indeed left the school already, I slowly regained control of myself. 

Shocked, confused, and beaten, I finally made my way out to the parking lot. "At least I'll get to stare at that shiny new Volvo for a few minutes," I consoled myself. But,

I gasped. The Volvo, too, was gone.

That could only mean one thing...

Edgar had stormed out and stolen somebody's brand new Volvo. And it was all my fault.

The End

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