Let's keep hashing out that same scene...


Finally, I got him.  The best looking guy in high school.  Funny.  Charming.  Angry at times.  But Good Looking.

I finished work at Dairy Queen.  I t took a long time to get the job.  Yes, I dropped out of high school to marry a man who drove a shiny Volvo – but here’s the thing about love, it’s love.  And you marry for love.  I loved him.  What finally convinced the manager that I should have the job was, I flashed my hair and lifted my shirt – quickly!   A girl has standards.  But, I got the job.

We argued for a long time, about who he was.   Weird thing, he pushed a van – saved my life.  No, really he caught the van and threw it.  First, I thought he was Superman – then I thought he was gay.  He told me was a vampire, until he asked me to play baseball with his friends.  And there was joke about vampires and bats.

It was only after he ripped apart my uterus that I married him.

He doesn’t know what he wants to do, but the man has dreams.  And for me, that’s all that matters.  His parents support us until he figures out what to do.  He sure likes hunting with his friends.

When, I came home I bought a bottle of wine.  Truthfully, after my daughter was born and we gave him to the werewolf guy as part of an arranged marriage (He promised he’d wait until she was a teenager), I’ve put on some weight.  And so I understand why things aren’t the way they used to be.

I threw my Dairy Queen uniform into the laundry basket, had a shower, and came downstairs to snuggle next to him.  I ran my hand along his thigh, and asked what he was watching, whispering in his ear that we should go upstairs. 

“Shhh.”  He said, “I’m watching ‘the Proposal.  It’s about a Canadian boss who wants to stay in the United States.  Look, it’s Sandra Bullock!  Do you know she’s 51 years old. It’s my favourite romantic comedy!  Do you want some popcorn?  This movie is just so sweet.  Look at those two!”

He clapped his hands in glee.

“No, I’m really tired.”, I said, “I really want to go to bed.”  I kissed him softly on the neck.

Between handfuls of popcorn, during a commercial, he said, with his sweet concern, “Yeah, you should go to bed.  You look tired.  Don’t you have to work tomorrow?”

And he was right.  I did.  And I understood.  He had a dream.  And I didn’t fall in love with him for no reason.  As he lay in bed, looking at the alarm, I thought to myself how important it was for me to work tomorrow.  Because, I had to support his dream. And in the morning he would nap.  And I knew he was dreaming of the future.

The End

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