Chapter WI

As a matter of interest, Edmund was on my mind as I made my way through the halls of the school, on my way to the parking lot.  I had come to realize that if he wasn't here, there really was no point in pursuing an education.  What beautiful, well groomed girl in high school would have to worry about improving herself if there was a handsome young fellow with a Doctor for a father that would take care of her?  That was a rhetorical question, because I am fiercely independent!

Irregardless, regardless?  I chose to write regardless because it was two letters shorter, and I've always been good at efficiency.  LOL...Then, why did I bother writing that long sentence? 

Because, dear reader, I hope you take something of value from this story.

As I reached the parking lot, something shiny caught my eye and distracted me, which is common.   Once, when I was younger, Charlie thought that he could jump start his battery by putting it in the deep fryer, and on my way carrying him out of my late grandmother's burning house, I spotted a piece of tin foil on the counter.  

"Don't worry about me", mumbled Charlie, the scent of Pabst Blue Ribbon wafting from hi lips, "Save your grandmother."

Why would that tinfoil be on the counter?  

The End

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