Chapter VVVV

I spent my first four hours in chemistry class waiting for Edmund.  I realize that Chemistry class is only fifty minutes long - I realize that, but I was so engrossed in sketching portraits of myself that I did not notice everyone had left.  I used comic bubbles to make my portraits talk, so that people who might look at them would hear me say, "Edmund, please...I'm not that beautiful." and "Thank you, I normally part it on the left."

I had begun to suspect that he was trying to avoid me, but whenever I thought so, my fingers would tighten into hard granite, while my face would contort into that famous scream painting by Thomas Kinkaid and I found myself screeching.  So, I tried my hardest not to think of Edmund.   Edmund.  Edmund.  Edmund.  See?

I think the reason that he might be avoiding me is that he's obsessed with me, but that's just speculation -- although it stands to reason.

I made myself think of something my mother taught me way back in Provo, and that was that sometimes it wasn't always about me, or what others thought of me, and then something about thinking of others.

I really think that Edmund and I would make an attractive couple.  

The End

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