Chapter _9

I realize this is bizarre and far-fetched, but I am telling you it is true.  And the ensuing conversation with Jaycub was no different.  Wait, someone is texting me.  What?  It says “What do you call a fish with no eyes?”  “A fsh”  That’s stupid.  It only makes sense if you say “What do you call a fish with no I’s”!  Totally not responding.  You must understand that this wall very difficult for me.  Jaycub was a nice guy, and he truly cared for me. 

That meant that not only did I have to bat my eyes at him to make Edmund jealous, I had to watch the road and listen to him all at the same time.  As I drove with the fair skinned native curled up in a circle on the front seat, his head resting gently on his right wrist, I couldn’t help but notice as he looked up at me, the collar around his neck with the bone medallion, but dared not asked in case it might insult his forefathers or whatever.

It turned out, as I expected that Jacob didn’t go to the same school that I went, but to his own on the reserve where I gathered they taught him about smoke circles, great spirits and building longboats.  Jacob spoke up.

“Does my appearance alarm you?”

The question, though blunt, did not take me aback.  I would not have been the first beautiful young white woman to be asked by a native if they unsettled her.

“No.  Why do you ask?”

My skin trembled as I responded.  Yet, clearly he must have understood why the blonde cheerleader and girls next door, like myself, went to different school than he did.  Didn’t he? 

The only thing I could think to do was smell my hair.  “No, Why do you ask?”

“Because of my form.”

“I assumed your Dad grew corn and potatoes, and maybe tobacco.”

Jacob scrambled into the back seat, and sunk his teeth into the foam seat padding, his teeth gnashing back and forth before lifting his head and letting out a high pitched howl.

“Don’t you see, Stella, don’t you see?”

“What’s this have to do with your farm?”

I was honestly puzzled.

“I am a Jack Russell Pomeranian cross!  Yap! Yap!  Yap!”

Jaycub curled up on my lap, and promptly fell asleep as I drove, and wondered if something was not right

Wait!  OMG!  That’s right.  Because at that time, now I remember, I remembered.  Do you know what I mean?  When he was sleeping on my lap, chewing on a rubber chew toy, I remembered that I had to get to school.  And today was Sex Ed homeroom with Edmund.

“Jaycub!”, I screamed, slamming on the brakes, and sending his ribs into the steering wheel while his head seemed to roll on his own into the passenger footwell.

He said, “Ugh.”

“Get out of my car!”

He was obviously slightly injured because as I tugged and pushed him out of the car, watching him in the gravel, I could tell he was rolling with a limp.

“Stella?  What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, I’m going to be late!”

He had managed to get up again on all fours and with his head bowed he looked up at me with his piercing hazel eyes.

“Stella, my school is eight miles away.”

As I looked into the rear view mirror, I could see him scurrying after the car, dropping his chew toy, yapping and woofing until all I could hear was the gravel behind me.

If I wasn’t at school an hour early, I would have had no time to put on my makeup.  That much I knew.

The End

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