Brendan was not like any other man you see. Yes, he was startlingly good-looking, a typical clichéd enemy, but all the same, there was something else. It was possibly the way he looked at you, and then blinked slowly, a slow grin curling over his lips as if to taunt you.

This time when I saw him, his hair was pulled back so that none of it touched his face, in a kind of French look that he often adorned while I was working.

Madison immediately went for the gun that was slung in her trouser waistband. Before I could tell her that it was not necessary, Brendan had already raised a hand.

"Have I not already stated that I am not doing anything wrong?" he asked slowly, taking a step forward so that his face was shown.

Madison gasped, seeing the scar highlighted on his face, her hand falling to her side.

I scowled. "I've had enough of your charades Whelan, what are you planning and why?"

He grinned at me, an eyebrow raised in question. "You honestly don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?" I asked impatiently.

Brendan's face fell serious. His stance suddenly became extremely smart, and he looked at Madison sharply. "Madison, I think your boss would appreciate it if you waited in the car, or at least outside."

"No." Madison said firmly, not looking away from Brendan.

I was staring at Brendan, analysing him carefully. After every single thing that I knew about what he had done, I still did not know much about who he was. Mainly because anyone who had previously been associated with him was either in Prison now, or were too scared of their memories to talk about him.

"Yes, Madison," I said slowly, not taking my eyes away from Brendan as I pulled out my car keys. "Please wait in the car, I will be there in five minutes, I just need to talk to him."

Madison looked at me quickly. "You can't possibly-"

"This is my case, I can do whatever I want with it," I said sternly. "Please, Madison," I added, glancing at her pleadingly.

Madison glared at me, before nodding and taking my car keys. She walked quietly out, looking back at me and Brendan before disappearing into the rain.

"Thank you," Brendan said quietly.

"What do you need to tell me that is so important?" I asked, a sneer lurking on my face.
A small second passed and then he was directly in front of me. "I have a proposition for you."

There was a small pause while I simply looked at him, considering what this proposition could be. "Well then, what is it?"

“If you agree to assist me, then I will let you in on the secrets of your corporation,” Brendan said quietly.

“I would rather you told me, and then I could tell you if I can assist you,” I replied quickly.

“But how would that benefit me?” Brendan asked. “How do I know that you're not going to simply take my information and run off to tell your ridiculous 'team' about my plans?”

I sighed. “It would not benefit you at all, but you have a lot to gain from me joining you.”

“So do you,” Brendan said.

“I'm not joining you,” I said loyally, but some part of me wanted to know what this secret was that my team were keeping from me. Was it all nonsense? Something that Brendan had cooked up in his twisted mind? Or was there some truth to it?

“What a shame,” Brendan said quietly. “I'll let you get back to Madison then, I'm sure she's wondering where her boss is. She's very good by the way.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, why was he trying to stall me?

“But I have to say, this would be very convenient to me.”

Brendan swiftly pulled a knife from his sleeve, a gleam sharpening in his eyes.

In a flurry of my silver hair and quick movements, I was pressed against the wall, the ice cold knife to my neck, while he caught his breath against me. I looked up at him, watching as his eyes looked coldly at me.

“Aren't you going to kill me Whelan?” I whispered, trying to tease him.

Brendan gulped, and I could feel the knife pressing against my neck harsher.

“You wouldn't.” I breathed, trying not to gulp.

Brendan smirked. “Wouldn't I?” he murmured, eyes heavy.

His smirk fell into a small smile that made me let out a small gasp.

“You're right, I wouldn't.” he whispered, loosening his grip on the knife and with a clatter against the floor I heard him drop it.

I blinked slowly, breathing in relief. I cursed myself for letting my guard down.

Brendan was looking at me. “Meet me at the underground bar on Scythe Street if you're in. Tomorrow night at midnight. And remember, I could have killed you just then.”

And with that, he fled from the building.

Suddenly, the rest of the world was blurry. I walked out of the empty warehouse, and straight over to my car, barely hearing Madison unlock it from inside as I clambered in.

“So?” Madison asked, slightly impatiently as I shut the car door.

“What?” I asked, blinking myself to life. “Oh, he just was trying to get information out of me.”

I went home from work earlier than usual that night, mainly because my eyes had been slightly opened by Brendan's words, for had I started to notice the slight frown in Dave's brow when we bumped into each other at a coffee machine.

“What's the matter?” I had asked casually.

“Oh, Aurora!” Dave answered. “Nothing, nothing. Just the boss is getting a bit secretive lately.”

“About?” I asked, pouring myself a coffee from the machine.

“If only I knew,” Dave said, sighing. “It seems that you, me and your little sidekick are being kept from something.”

“So … just the people on Whelan's case then?” I suggested. “And do not call her that, I happen to trust Madison.”

“She’s barely experienced. I can bet that tonight she did something irrational,” Dave said, looking at me angrily.

“No, actually, she was on top form, just like in training and just like I expected her to be,” I answered with what I thought was a sharp tone. “Just drop your dislike for her and tell me more about this secrecy.”

Brendan’s words were echoing in my ears. This could not be simple coincidence, could it?

I bit my lip as Dave looked at me curiously, as though he wanted to know why I was so interested. “Well … I have no idea so far, as you know.”

I pulled away my full cup of coffee as I looked at Dave. “Well, only us three apparently are being left in the dark, maybe it has something to do with our case?”

Dave frowned. “If it had something to do with our case, then we would be informed, not everyone else.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What if it is about how they are going to use us?”

“The corporation would not do that.”

Dave had said it simply, turning on his heels, but I could see the redness of frustration on the side of his face.

I sighed and followed after him, going towards my office.

The End

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