The Man of My DreamsMature


It all started on one of those nights. The sort of nights when you should be at home, with a cup of hot chocolate and possibly a blanket and book. The kind of nights were you can hear the thunder and lightening outside clearer than you can hear your own thoughts.

But no, I was in work. Without hot chocolate, blanket or a book. No, instead I had work.

At the particular moment when everything kicked off, I was actually in my new office. I itched my arm distractedly, pushing up the ruffled sleeves of my shirt. The yellow light from my desk lamp was giving me a slight headache, I looked up from my desk, taking in all of my new office. All of my certificates hung up on the wall adjacent to my oak desk while the two walls either side of me were lined with bookcases. I sighed at the aggravatingly perfect room and looked back down at my work. Yes, it was midnight and I was still writing the reports on my latest case; Brendan Whelan.

Then, he had been my top priority. The master-mind criminal that had shown no mercy to other officers, but seemed to toy with me; so much it was just getting boring by then.

"Williams!" I heard someone shout.

Said person came into my office, and I had just about swivelled around on my chair to see my co-worker; Dave jog in.

His wavy brown hair was scruffy, as though he had only just woken up and he was curved over, grabbing his sides from running from two floors above most probably.

"Yes Mr Jones?" I asked politely, fluttering my eyelashes in a jokey way.

"Now is-not-gasp-the time for jokes," Dave said quickly. "Whelan, he's-wheeze-down town,"

My back straightened at that name. "Whelan?" I hissed, getting up from my chair quickly.

"Yes, go get him," Dave answered, rolling his shoulders having gained his breath. "Now,"

But I was already out of my office, and jogging down the corridor, cursing myself for wearing a pencil skirt and heels that day.

"Miss Williams!"

I stopped jogging and looked to my left. Madison Greene. My intern. “It's Aurora Madison,”

Madison was a small girl, even smaller than me and I was only 5ft 5”. She had a small button nose, deep green eyes and short, spiky red hair she reminded me off something I had seen in a Disney film one time. Her pixie like features had matured over the year I had taught her and although she was only nineteen and had no experience, she was an amazing detective and sometimes picked up on things that I had overlooked.

"Madison, come with me," I said quickly, walking forward.
I heard her scurrying behind me trying to keep up with my fast pace.

“Now listen carefully Madison,” I said quietly, beckoning her to walk beside me. “Whelan is in South London. Now, we need to get him, he's been out of prison far too long,”

“What has he done?” she asked, slightly breathless.

“It's not what he has done,” I told her, turning left and watching as she stumbled to keep up with me. “It's what he is going to do,”

Madison had a look of confusion on her face as she tried to process this. I stopped walking when we reached an elevator, effectively stopping Madison too.

“I'll explain when we're in privacy,” I muttered quietly.


The elevator doors slid apart, revealing an empty elevator that me and Madison stepped into.

“What do you me-”

“No,” I said quietly, cutting her off. I shot the camera a glance to show Madison my explanation, smiling in satisfaction when her mouth made a small 'O'.

I pressed a button that would take us underground to the artillery room and smiled at Madison kindly.

The elevator ride passed in silence, Madison seemed jumpy though; every time the door opened to let someone new in, she tensed whereas I remained my usual indifferent self.


The usual noise rang throughout the elevator as the doors slid open, revealing row after row of weapons. Everything from machine guns to katanas. Madison gasped in awe, making me remember that this would be her first mission.

I dismissed the thought, she was an excellent fighter.

“You'll need a gun,” I told her, watching as her face lit up. “Only for protection,” I warned. “No unnecessary fighting otherwise it will be your last day here I'm afraid,”

Madison nodded in understanding.

“Right, so get a gun of your choice and meet me back here in one minute, we have no time to lose.”

I watched as she ran down aisle two, towards the small guns. I headed towards the more advanced ones, picking up my favourite one from the tall grey shelf, the pistole 38 and it's ammunition.

Walking down the aisle again, I breathed slowly. If I could catch Brendan Whelan … it would mean the world.

I heard someone else's footsteps somewhere within the room, reminding me that I had to get Madison quickly.

I made my way back to the elevator door, tucking the gun into my skirt so it was hidden, pleasantly surprised that Madison was already stood there and filling her small gun with bullets.

“Ready?” I asked, my voice coming out a lot smoother than I thought possible.

She nodded dumbly, a small grin taking over her lips.

I pressed the button to elevator and waited in silence as it opened and we both stepped inside, Madison fixing her gun into the waistband of her trousers.

The monotone ring sounded again as we came to the level beneath ground floor. I stepped out, feeling a chill from the draft.

The grey room was too small for the amount of cars in it, but thankfully my own car was near the exit.

“Let's go,” I said simply, walking with big strides over to my car.

My car. The only love in my life. The Secret Service had provided me with it; just a perk from the job of risking my life. My Jaguar Advanced Lightweight Coupe black. With blacked out windows and 0-60 in less than two seconds.

“Aurora, will you tell me what he is going to do please?” I heard Madison ask as she walked with me.

I sighed and unlocked my car, opening the drivers seat door. “I'll tell you while we drive,”

Madison nodded and opened the passenger seat door. We both fell down onto our seats, slamming the doors one after the other. I put the keys into the ignition and took off quickly. Skimming the edge of my colleague's cars, I saw the watchman nod at my silent car, opening the door with a lazy flick of his finger against a switch.

The door in front of me and Madison opened fast and within seconds we were outside, driving smoothly along the back streets of a stormy London.

“Brendan Whelan,” I started, glancing over at the eager Madison. “Is not like your average criminal. He's sharp. He's not just doing what he is doing for money.”

“How does that-” Madison started.

“Basically,” I interrupted, taking a sharp turn down a road to hit the blurry city lights. “We don't know his motive, and he could do anything. He's twisted.”

“So we need to get him before he does anything wrong?” Madison asked. , I could barely hear her over the hammering of the rain.“But we cannot arrest him while he's not doing anything,”

“Exactly,” I said, seeing someone aggravatingly familiar on the street. I pulled over, seeing him walk into a multi-story car park.

Me and Madison both got out of the car in unison, slamming the door in the same manner. The rain hit our skin so hard it actually felt painful.

Running across the slippery pavement, and straight into the multi-story car park, I turned towards the wet Madison. “The thing is, if we catch him doing something, then well, we can arrest him, can't we?”

“What if I'm not doing anything wrong?” someone drawled loudly, and I had a pretty good idea who.

I glanced around, not seeing anything but grey wall and old cars.

“Aurora, not so good at this are you?” he taunted.

I turned around, sensing that Madison was turning with me. I could hear her gasp as she laid eyes on Brendan for the first time.

“Madison, how is your boss turning out?” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

The End

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