Dreams and reality

 At last I reached Laosca High School. It was too early for anyone to be there. This was exactly the opposite of what I had been thinking of doing, so much for my plans. Yet there were guys and girls, the early love birds.

Yesterday the police had found Mike's shredded body on the highway. When I had found out, I had panicked and was paralyzed for a few minutes. My heart had been beating hard against my chest. My breathing had become faint. The shock was rather overwhelming. Mike and me were like brothers, we had been friends for as long as I can remember back in time. As I walked further, a girl waved at me, it was Stacy. She came near me or was I going further? It was all the same. “Hey, have you seen Stephan? He said he would be here early today”, Stacy said. She was my ex. We had had a break up, as our relationship had hit rocky edges. It was painful to see each other everyday at high school or anywhere outside, but we were still good friends. “Hi, Nope haven't seen him”, she looked worried so I added, “Is everything alright?”. Stephan was her boyfriend now. He was the one who had come to her rescue when we had had the breakup. He was also one of my friends. Her eyes had welled up with tears. “I don't know, he wasn't receiving any of my calls this morning.” A tear rolled out of her eyes. It was heart wrenching to see a girl cry. “Hey, whats to cry in that, he must be very busy”, I said trying to comfort her. “You don't know him Kyle, he isn't like you!”, Ouch! That hurts. “Then how is he like?”, I asked angrily. “I don't need to explain that to you. But he always calls me, in the morning, at night and whenever he is free. He loves me more than you did”, she said angrily. I was really annoyed. “There's no reason for you to be angry with me, I am not Stephan I know that. Let's go to his house now”, I said and without waiting for her to reply, I caught her hand and dragged her to the parking lot. Then I remembered something. I stopped. “What's wrong? Why did you stop?”, Stacy asked. “I just remembered that I had left my motorbike at my place”, “Oh, How disappointing!”, she said grinning at me. Her eyes glinted in the sunlight. ”But I've got my car keys with me, let's go.”

When we reached Stephan's house, I asked, “Why has the air grown so cold here or is it just me?”. It was pretty strange as we had driven for an hour and reached this creepy looking mansion. The last house I had seen was more than a mile away. Something wasn't right. “You are hallucinating that's all. Now get out of my car!”, she shouted. It was very strange for her to act that way. She looked different now. She had gone from white to pale white. A fog had descended on us on our journey. It was pretty tough to see anything other than her. “This isn't his house, this doesn't seem right, what am I missing here.” “Shut up!”, she said. In that dark silence, her voice echoed back to her. Suddenly her fingers grew long and dark as the mud. “What the...”, I said in disbelief. She smiled flashing her teeth to me, was it my imagination or had her teeth grown into those of a bat. Every tooth inside her mouth had grown as sharp as the pointed blades. The canines had grown longer and sharper than others. “God, are you kidding me!”, I exclaimed out of shock. She lunged at me the same way the eagle lunges at its prey. She got hold of me and dug her sharp teeth into my neck. I was awake. I had been dreaming. Stacy turned her head and looked at me. I was expecting the teeth and the claws but they were gone into my dream world. “How long has it been?”, I asked. “Ah, we're returning from Stephan's house. You had already dozed off by the time, we reached his place. I didn't want to knock you out of your sleep. You were sleeping so peacefully”, she said smiling. “Yeah, some sleep.”, I muttered still not trusting her for the dream still lingered at the back of my mind.

Okay, Stephan on the other hand is having a high fever and he was resting when I went in”, she said looking rather gloomy. “And don't you sleep at night?”, she asked. “Yeah, well after Mike...”. My words trailed off bringing back all the happy memories we had shared, we had fought and reconciled every now and then. We were inseparable. It was all too much for me, I felt as if my heart had grown heavy all of a sudden. I stared out of the window, to forget what I was remembering. I stared at my ring. It looked soothing to me somehow. “Oh! Forget it”, Stacy said under her breath. 

The End

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