Twisted Truth


As I walked out of my house, I had only one thing in mind, to act as if everything was perfect and nothing was wrong with my life. The streets were engulfed by the dense fog, It wasn't unusual in our town. Laosca was one town with lots of humidity, sunlight and rain. I left my motorbike as I wanted to walk to school and I wasn't in a mood to reach that place early and become a prey to all the sympathetic faces there. The fact was that I didn't want to face reality. The road was very quiet, for a moment I could swear someone was walking behind me or better following me. I wouldn't want to think it to be the latter. The sun was trying its very best to get a glimpse of our town, but the clouds were foiling its efforts. I don't know how I got this stupid idea to walk to high school in this fog. Autumn was on its way and the trees were sprouting golden leaves street lights were on. I wouldn't trust them, they weren't helping me a bit. The eeriness of the silence was trying to eat me up and again I heard footsteps behind me. I started feeling dizzy, the world tilted around and I didn't know what happened. Just then a dream invaded my mind, I didn't know this place as I was looking at it, I felt something was familiar about it. But I couldn't recall having seen it ever before. The night was pushing away the day and the birds were flying back to their nests. A cool breeze hit me, I could swear it was as real as anything. Strangely this dream didn't seem like a dream, it was like I had been taken to a different place by some invisible force that I didn't know about. The trees were swaying calmly, It seemed as if the winds were whispering some secrets to the trees. The path ahead of me was filled with jagged and crooked rocks. My legs felt like bags of water, It must have been the impact of reaching this place. Above me, the clouds in the sky made weird and beautiful shapes. I kept trying to guess what these things were. Until I was knocked down by something or someone. I slowly started getting up and saw the thing that had rushed at me, it was not a thing but a beautiful woman. She was clad with clothes that looked like they were made from the stars, she wore a crown which had all the precious jewels studded in them, diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and some other that I didn't recognize. Her eyes were as blue as the deep blue ocean. Her skin pale, her hair was blonde. She was not like any other woman I had ever seen. Her beauty cannot be expressed in words. You can say no one was as beautiful as she was. She started getting up. As I was already up, I held my hand forward. She looked at me and smiled, a smile that soothed your heart, that reminded you of all the happy things in the world. That made you wonder and think was this how heaven felt like. As she caught my hand I felt a horrible pain in my head, I saw visions thousands of them in a fraction of a second. I couldn't bear the pain. I shut my eyes and fell to the ground. The pain had disappeared, I couldn't remember anything that I had seen. I tried hard to remember at least a part of it. I just couldn't. I opened my eyes and I saw a young girl of my age as that of the woman, same eyes, same hair. I kept staring and now half her body was covered with runes and the left side of the body didn't have any. The brightness from her clothes was disappearing slowly and she wore a long white gown. The crown disappeared as each jewel separated itself from it and started flying skywards. “Heavens forbid me, a celestial being, from touching you. I don't know who you are but I have done a great wrong as the Comief told me not to touch a human. Oh woe, woe, woe, I am cursed.”, said that girl who I supposed was the same woman who stood before me some time ago. And ran towards the woods. I didn't know whether this was all a dream yet it seemed so real. The sky grew dark as if all the light was stolen from it suddenly. The sun was no more neither was the moon nor were there any stars in the sky. I heard a great and mighty sound as if it was the thunder. The sky might have cracked, shattered and fell, such loudness was of that noise. The earth trembled under my feet, yet I didn't seem to fall. A bright blue colored light descended down from the sky as if it was a huge ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds. The sound had stopped and there was silence. Silence when I say complete and utter silence that you could have heard a whisper spoken miles away from this place. The light was soft and you would would start imagining things. Well, I was. I saw the light take a giant yet human form. First the eyes appeared then the nose, the ears and the mouth. The light that remained covered him like clothes. Clothes, that were made of light yet they looked majestic. The face had the look of a man withered by time yet he was handsome. The eyes said the stories of the before, the now and what was yet to come. Something was strange about him, he moved his mouth to speak. “Do you take responsibility for the actions that you just committed by touching my daughter?” “”, was my answer. I looked like an ant in front of this giant person. I had to find a way to escape this. But what could I do? I was trapped. “I remember walking down the street, but how did I reach this place?”, I asked. “The question is why you came to this place not how you came here.” “This is not true, this is my imagination and this whole place is too, I need to wake up from this dream”. “Don't fool yourself there are much greater things to be done than being in a dream. Move your right hand forward now!”, he commanded me. I obliged and moved it forward. I felt heaviness in my arms. It seemed as if a invisible force was trying to force me to keep them down. The great giant raised his hands up to face the sky. The stars seemed to appear in the sky. A start started moving towards us, its size kept shrinking yet it kept coming. It seemed to fall into his palm. Had he just pulled down the star from the sky with his hands! All this was too strange and overwhelming, I was sweating badly though the weather was very cold. He closed his hands to form a fist. He blew air into it and a thing like a small pebble started coming towards me and fell into my hand. I lifted it and it was a ring with a small star that appeared to have been carved out of a diamond. “Wear it”, came his thundering voice. I slid the ring into my finger. His mouth formed a sly grin and all the things started to shimmer around me like when a stone is thrown into the still water. I tried hard to keep my eyes open but it was all futile. I felt the same dizziness I had felt before I had reached this place. It lasted a few seconds and when I opened my eyes I was standing right there on that empty street, I looked at my watch, the time hadn't moved, even a second ever since I was gone. I thought I was awake from this weird dream. But I felt something on my finger. It was that ring.

The End

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