Twisted Fairytales

The ‘Ugly’ Step-Sisters

I guess you’re reading this because you were intrigued by the somewhat odd title. Those Grimm Brothers have a lot to answer for, along with Disney and all the others. You’ve heard the story, read the book, seen the movie, and probably a couple of pantomimes thrown in for good measure. Yet, somehow, the real story remains a mystery; unsolved by the generations that find pleasure in mocking our false images. Well, allow me to pull the wool from your eyes.

It all began when father passed away, and mother remarried a widower who already had a daughter. Her name was Cindy-Ella, and insisted that everyone should call her Cindy. She was incredibly petite, with soft, honey-blonde hair and chestnut brown eyes. My sister and I have a mane of fiery red hair which curls down our backs and piercing green eyes. She said we were ugly so that people would focus more on her, though we weren’t. Cindy was prettier than my sister and I, so of course there was inevitable envy, but we never dared show it. We gave up our rooms for her, made her feel welcome and did whatever she asked, but how does she repay us? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out.

We never used her as a slave, she made that up. We had a chore roster and she obviously found it an incredible injustice that everyone had to stick to the rules - including her. The ‘rags’ she wore were a lie too. I suppose she was referring to the simple, brown dresses we gave her when she arrived. We weren’t rich, and it wasn’t as if her clothes were any less grand than ours. And as for the ball, well, once she discovered she had, and I quote, “Absolutely nothing to wear”, she refused to go. Though her father was determined for her and the Prince to marry. 

When we arrived at the Royal Palace, my sister immediately went for the guard. The Prince came over to speak to me, which was over-whelming enough. Soon, we were good friends, but his father (the king) didn’t approve of someone as plain as me. So instead, he married Cindy-Ella. She got the idea Cinderella from the fact she used to always sit by the fire, but then said it was a cruel nick-name that my sister and I created for her. On the night of his wedding, the Prince secretly took me aside and said he’d much rather marry me. But it was too late. So, my family and I have been living a quiet life ever since. Everyone is secretly thoroughly miserable, accept for the Kingdom’s new Princess Cindy-Ella and her now rich and famous father.

People may boo and hiss whenever they see us, but they don’t know the truth. Our loving step-sister didn’t even have the courtesy to call us by our real names: my sister Charlotte and me, Lotta. And until the mystery is solved, Charlotte and I will keep our heads held high and take whatever the world throws at us. There’s no point trying to change an age-old reputation, but as you undoubtedly hear hear more and more versions of Cindy’s lies, remember Charlotte and I. So that one day, people will cease to believe Cindy-Ella’s lies, the truth shall be brought into the light and people shall cheer for the Ugly Step-Sisters.

The End

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