The Necklace

Danny stared at the necklace which had dropped from nowhere. He blinked a few times before he reached for it, he paused, then looked around. Where had it come from?

'Who threw this?' He called out in a bored voice. No one answered. Danny stood up and went to go search for it's owner.

He frowned, what if it was there in the first place? Did that mean he should keep it?

Danny sat back down on the wobbly chair outside his maths classroom and toyed with the silver necklace.

It was a chain of fine metal, a sapphire-colored blue stone was lodged in a golden locket. It must have been expensive because Danny was quite sure it was all real gold, silver and precious gems.

Shrugging, he stuffed it into his blazer pocket. Once he had let go of it, his hand felt strangely empty, like he was supposed to grasp hold of the necklace and never, ever let go. Danny laughed at his own foolishness. It's not like it was magic or anything.

'Fletcher, get back in the classroom.' The teacher yelled from inside the classroom, Danny sighed as he scooted his chair back and stalked back into the classroom, putting his cheesy grin back onto his face. Manny snorted as the teacher glared at Danny.

'I'll come play football today, but I call shotgun on being a striker.' Danny whispered to Manny. The teacher was once again chattering on about something insignificant and boring.

'Fine, fine.' Manny mumbled, scratching his head. They sat through the excruciatingly boring maths class for another ten minutes before they were told to get out the classroom before the teacher changed his mind.

Danny and Manny raced towards the playing field. But for some reason, Danny was exceeding his usual speed and somehow got to the playing field from the tower block in about twenty seconds.

'What the hell . ..?' Manny gaped when he saw Danny on the feild, staring at his legs which didn't feel tired in the slightest!

The End

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