Twisted Alchemy

death and magic?!

Ordinary. That's the only word that could describe Danny Fletcher. Aside from his glowing hair of orange, he would be. . . ordinary.

Normal skin, normal blue eyes, normal ginger hair, normal height, normal weight. Yes, nothing that should not be there.

He was of a average level in his classes, only a little better than the rest at English and PE.

'Oi! Danny! Your coming to the field to play football, right? I mean, you'll be on the year eight team, right?' "Manny" (his real name is Malnford), Danny's friend mumbled, swinging back on his chair.

He earned a death stare from their teacher and quickly went back to work.

'Yeah, whatever.' Danny hissed back, his voice muffled from his hand which covered his mouth from boredom. If there was one thing Danny hated more than maths. . . well. . .there actually wasn't such a thing. Danny stared out of the window, ignoring the teacher, all they spewed out was rubbish anyway.

Danny was certain he was destined for greater thing than, well, sitting in a classroom doing nothing. This world was pathetic, this school and the flies of students in it were also idiotic.

If we could find one other person who thought the same way as he did, we would be stunned! But like that, of all things, could happen. 

'And if x is the same amount as 11r, then what is 17y-- Danny Fletcher are you even listening to me?!' The teacher yelled, switching his voice from drone to angry.

'No, sir. I already know all of this.' Danny blagged, because, of course he had no clue what the teacher was on about.

'Then tell me the answer!'

'Umm . ..' He mumbled, laughing and grinning, scratching the back of his head, 'I didn't get that far. . .?'


'Ugh.' Danny moaned, scooting his chair back and sauntering out of the room, saluting Manny as he went, Manny sniggered and tried to stifle his laughs with his hand with no avail.

The door slammed behind Danny, he couldn't be bothered to go up the door's window and pull idiotic faces, so he sat down of the wobbly chair that was available in the hallway.

'Stupid world!' Danny sniped at thin air. 

And as soon was the words tumbled from Danny's lips, a necklace fell from nowhere and landed right in front of him. . .


The End

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