Alex and Alexandra two twin girls but with a twist... one lives in the past as the oter lives within the future. 14 years ago a storm of wicked power seperated the two as babies and 14 years later the shock discovery of eachother will now change everything and anything....

The clouds formed horribly in the sky as the rain fell from the sky like tiny sewing needles. The thunder unsettled the dogs in the village causing tem to howl like crazy at the darkened sky. And as for the lightning well... power cuts galore! In the small village of tender-ville storms like this do not come around very often 15 years to be exact. This storm makes the river burst from its monsoon rain and its wicked bolts of lightning strike the ground. The thunder frights the birds that they drop out the sky sometimes. Tender-ville village is not a force to be reconciled with when mother nature unleashes her full fury upon this small village of high hope.

The End

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