We were average students at school. Of him and i, he was the smartest. His brain worked better at puzzles and maths, but i had better imagination that her. He has tries to copy me but he can't. Its so funny to find his stuggling at things i do well. The professer came to us during the holidays. He was a tall man with a scar on his face in a crestent shape. He was pale and wore a black cloak. His hair was jelled back into a sleek cut. There was something old fashioned about him, apart from the fact he looked about 150. "Well my children, it's about time we start the test" i was creeped out but Rob's eyes were filled with wonder. I stared at him with wide eyes. How can he find this facinating. The tests were put in front of us. It was about 2 centimeters thick. I could Rob saying to himself  "I'm ready, i'm ready" I stiffled a laugh and stared hard at my test. "Begin young ones" he rasped and joined mum in the living room.


The test was eay and i was finished before Rob. I smiled because it was mostly about myths and ledgends. Vampires, Ghouls, Ghosts and zombies. Rob knew nothing about these subjects and i was brilliant at them. As soon as i put my pen down the profeser stalked in and grabbed my test paper. He sat down and clicked his pen. Rob wasn't finished when he took his paper off him. My test paper was already marked and now he was rasing through Rob's Paper. He handed us our papers back with a uniform list and travel dates. We both got good marks and were please with ourselves. I stared at my paper and saw the place we were going:

Isle Chello

The End

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