Broken Trees

I stood by a broken tree. My face looked a picture. Dumbstruck? Scared? Any emotion could be possible. I had my guitar with me and my iPod. Over the summer I had learnt to play along to every song. It kept all the bad thoughts out of my head. A rock song started to play and I hauled myself up and sighed. I grabbed my guitar and strummed out the starting riff. My twin brother came strolling along the empty field. He looked smart in a shirt-vest ensemble. Knowing him, he would have already packed for himself, along with mine as well. "Come on Ally, we are going to be late, you are lucky I packed for you! What’s a matter with you these days? Cat got your tongue?" He had spoke so fast, I had no time to answers his questions. "What-Ever Rob" It took me exactly 15 steps to get over to him. His eyes were curious as I paced myself. "Da....I mean mum is driving us to the airport" he spoke in a monotone this time. All of this personality gone. Dad had died a few months ago and that is why our mother was shipping us off to a remote island. Nice. She had this crazy idea that sending us to a island would be the best way to come to terms with the loss.

The End

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