After their father dies, Ally and Rob are sent to a bording school on the remote island - Isle Chello. On the island is a private school for young students wtih talents. But wetween the walls of the school, myths and ledgands are becoming real. Rob goes missing and Ally is set out to find her Twi


Today would be different. The grass was greener on this side of the world. Britain was home, our true home, to our family and we would behave this time. Me and Rob met our mother outside the airport with a look of horror on her face. I would not be surprised if she looked past and tried to find her real son and daughter. My eyes lit up but the ache in my knees and elbows were different. In the corner of my eye, I saw a young blonde haired boy being pushed into a car and a man look at him evilly. He has dark brown hair in a buzz cut. He had a large physique and was too young to be a dad. Rob whispered so low to memorize the number plate. Me and him were linked like a hotwire now after what happened. I caught the man’s eye and I instantly knew who he was. We got into the car and sped off with our mum in the back. I input the cars number plate UNAVAILBLE popped up. I tried again UNAVAILBLE was the only response I got. Mum started shacking and asking quick fire questions.

Give her the injection; she will be out for a few hours

Where should I inject it?

In her left arm

I heard the swift jolt in her arm and her body falling limp onto Rob. I laughed a slight tinkling laugh as she started drooling on him. He shot me a dangerous look and pushed her to face the window.

Have you found him yet? I asked Rob with an emotionless tone. I was hiding my emotion from my brother as he would feel it as well.

Nothing yet…WAIT! I found him he was turned onto the A1 north bound.

I sighed in relief.

LOOK OUT! His voice shouted at me and a car smashed into the back of mine.

Oww! Dam that was a new car! I will sue!

Shut up and listen!

The car reversed, unscratched as we stared afterward the car that just drove off north bound. Just as Rob had predicted about 20 seconds ago. We were both dumstruck and there was 1/10th of a second before cars haulted to a stop next to us.”Hello!” “Are you okay?” “I will call 999!” voices shouted towards us. I heard people darting towards us.

Pretend your hurt! Rob thought.

Aww cant we just walk away?

No do as I say.

I lay down and tried to look hurt even though I didn’t have a scratch on me.

We need to get back to the car they are getting away.

I can still see them they cant be far.

A man lifted me up and I pretended to collapse. It was rob who picked me up

“I am a doctor, I will get her to a hospital but I need to borrow a car.”

Someone threw their car keys at him and he thanked them. We climbed in and I saw the plush inside. The radio was on full blast and there was a mobile on the dashboard. And we sped away leaving the crowd behind.

The End

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