deatiny is'nt set in stone we all choose are own path..

"kelvin wake up kelvin wake up"

"huh uh sorry i.. i just restid my head and then i must of.."

"no no it's not that it's just that as of recent youve become a bit how should i put it slacky"

kelvin looked at the man in his 40's  and then looked around the room he remberd his uncle had asked him to help him in the shop today he had lived with his uncle as long as he could remember kelvin was wearing a whtie t shirt blue jeans and white tainers his hair was nothing but pure black and was long enough to reach his shoulders

"yeh i just keep having these nightmares over and over again it(sigh) scares me sometimes"kelvin replied to his uncle

"yeh well i thought id tell ya that its your break"his uncle responded "but i dont get off till half past"kelvin questiond "eh ill stay here go on get going" his uncle said back

later on kelvin returned back to the shop the door was slightly open kelvin just peeked his head through the door and called out for his uncle "todd todd are you here sorry im late i bought chinese back got you some er gung pow chicken"kelvin just emptied the bag on to the desk "todd you there" kelvin shouted there was no response "todd c'mon todd oh i get it this is revenge for the bike thing look i said im sorry" kelvin shouted still no response kelvin frowned and noticed a mess on the floor and noticed the back door was opened kelvin walked into the back ally noticed his uncles body was just lying on the floor "you know nows not the best time for a nap and defintly not in this neghbourhood " he just laid there "todd c'mon" kelvin ran over to his uncles body kelvin searched the body up and found a note in his hand it said "RUN JUST RUN AND DONT TURN BACK" writen in big letters a key was enclosed within the letter kelvin started to run off as he could hear police cyrens off in the backround. 

The End

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