Chapter 28

“Hurry up! We will be late for the gig,” Despite the boys calling her for the last fifteen minutes, Celestial refused to come down. I dropped my case and glared at the stairs.

“If you do not get down here right this instant, I will drag you down by your hair.” Celestial must have sensed the truth in my words, because she was down thirty seconds later. “Took long enough,” I muttered, storming out of the door.

“If we want to make it on time at all, we are going to have to speed,” Drake looked at his watch with worry. I glanced down at my phone, checking the time.

“We have an hour and a half until we have to be there. Will you relax? Even with traffic it is only thirty minutes. That gives us an hour to set up. We will be fine.” I waved goodbye to Drake and Turner before hopping into Sarah's car. Turner and Drake had most of the equipment with them, Sarah had the people.

“I think you need to follow your own advice and relax.” Jayden's arm slid around my waist as I sat down. I slowly released my muscles and closed my eyes. The first gig, this meant everything. We needed this to be good if we wanted to be anywhere in the music business.

“Your mom said her and Henry would meet us there.” I blinked at Sarah. Who was Henry, and why was he with my mom?”

“Sorry, Mr. Cole.” I burst out laughing.

“Every single thing about him screams boredom.”

“Sometimes people need something stable, or boring, in their life.”

I wrinkled my nose, “No way. I don't want anything boring in my life, ever.”

“Trust me, nothing will ever be boring with you around.” I smiled at Jayden. He was probably right, I did seem to attract the most unusual people around me. I just couldn't understand why.

“How much trouble did you get into for breaking that boy's nose,” Celestial asked from the front seat.

I groaned, “Loads, I am grounded for at least a month. She said I might be grounded until his nose is fixed. I didn't even push the door that hard. He must have a weak nose.” Celestial rolled her eyes and continued fixing her hair. I watched the trees flash by, trying to calm myself down. It wouldn't help to have a jumpy band player. I needed to calm down.

“Breath in and out deeply and count to ten,” I heard a whisper from beside me.

“Do you know how hard that is when you are near me,” I questioned.

He smiled, “Glad to see I have that kind of effect on you. “ realizing what I said, I turned around quickly. Deep breaths...1...2...3...4...5... Was that a bunny? I turned my head to the back of the car, nothing there. Oh well. Maybe it will meet us at the concert. Bye bye, bunny.

“You have that grin on your face again, what are you thinking about.” I looked at Jayden.

“I thought I saw a bunny.” He chuckled and looked out the window.

The End

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