Chapter 27

“You smell wonderful.” Jayden's arm wrapped around my shoulder. I smiled slightly and blushed. “It smells like lavender and pizza sauce.” I quickly grabbed a piece of my hair and sniffed. I had thought I got it all out. He started laughing.

“I was kidding. I heard about your incident earlier from your sister. I can't believe it took the girls this long to start fighting over me. I feel so loved.” I aimed an elbow at him stomach. He danced back and smiled at me. “Can I finish? I was going to say 'it's to bad I already have the perfect girl for me.' See? No need to get violent.” I rolled my eyes and smiled.”

“You are so cheesy.” We were passing one of the janitor's closets. The new janitor unlocked it. He pulled it open and turned around to grab a cart. A blush rose on my cheeks as I looked in the closet. Celestial and Alec were making out in the back. I quickly blocked the door from the janitor.

“I finally found you. My mom wanted me to tell you the gym bathroom needs a new light. And she said you need to do it as soon as possible.” The janitor sighed and turned around, heading towards the gym. Without turning around I closed the door, sending my sister a silent message that she owed me. Jayden laughed as I walked back towards him.

“Good to know they are getting along. Well, according to the clock, it is lunchtime. May I dine with you my lady?” I rolled my eyes and shoved him. A playful grin spread across me face. I walked as close to him as I could and stood as tall as I could. I leaned towards his ear.

“Only if you catch me,” I whispered before running towards the lunch room. He wasn't far behind. I swerved through the halls, trying to through him off. After a minute with no following footsteps, I slowed down and walked. I turned around to make sure he really wasn't there. Seeing no sign of the black haired, blue eyes boy, I smiled. Well that was easy.

Someone grabbed my by the waist and pulled me towards them. “I got you.” I struggled against his arms but he refused to let go. After a well placed kick to his knee, he threw me over his shoulder. “Such a violent lover, have I.” I glared and struggled some more. He kept carrying me into the lunch room.

The normally loud lunch room quieted down to a hush when we walked in. I tried one more time to escape before sighing in defeat. We walked over to our usual table and set me down like he did this all the time. Drake and Turner watched in amusment.

“So the gig is this weekend. What are we supposed to do for a name,” Drake asked, trying to stop me from kicking Jayden.

“Actually, I have been thinking about it, Twin Trouble sounds pretty fitting don't you think,” Alec said, sitting down across from Jayden. Celestial joined him.

“That isn't too bad. We could try it. Twin Trouble it is. So the gig is this Saturday. Everyone alright with that?”

“Yep, I can't wait. Our first real gig. And our first band name. We rock.”

I smiled at Turner and Drake, “We will as soon as we get up there.”

“Of course, that means you can't kill one of our groupies, Destiny.” I glared at Drake. Darn, I was just about to kick him too. Am I really that predictable? That will have to be fixed. Dino nerds, go and find out how to make me less predictable. Now!

“Fine. But as soon as we get popular, I am going to hurt him.” I pouted and stuck my tongue out at Jayden. He laughed and pulled me closer. My heart sped up as I fought a blush. How could he mess with me that much?

“Relax a little. You would think the world has three more seconds to live, as tense you are.” This time a blush did cover my features. I shook my head and concentrated on the band plans.

“Need a house to stay in that night for practice?” They all nodded.

“We could do mine. Less people nearby.”

“You rock Destiny.”

I glared at Drake, “I don't rock, I roll.” He shook his head and laughed. The bell went off and I groaned. I wish I could spend the rest of the day having lunch.

Shoving the last bite of apple into my mouth, I hurried to my locker and grabbed my books. One of the preppy boys waited beside me.

“So I have a question-”

“Shove it,” I glared.

“Come on baby, we all know you are dating that pretty boy to get to me. That many people can't be wrong.”

“Have you ever watched 'Beauty and the Beast'? That many can be wrong and the leader can die too. Wanna try me?” He refused to leave. I grabbed his arm and pulled him closer.

“Fine I will admit, I only dated him to get you to notice me,” I whispered sweetly. He smiled. I grabbed the handle and shoved it open, ducking down as I did so. I heard a thud, followed by a scream. Smiling slightly, I stood up. The boy was holding his nose while blood slid down his shirt. I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him towards the office.

“Go get that checked out, it looks bad.” He scowled at me as I gave him a shove. After he left, I heard a step from behind me.

“You had me worried there for a moment. I thought you were telling the truth.” I scoffed.

“Like I would ever date him. I hope that crunch sound was enough proof for you.”

“I think it was,” He pulled me closer. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

The End

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