Chapter 25

Celestial's POV

"I now pronounce you man and wife." Destiny turned around to face me. She walked over and sighed.

"Glad that's finally over."

I rolled my eyes, "why did you go through with the wedding if you just wanted it to be over?"

"Because that is what you are supposed to do!" She lifted up a piece of paper that had been on the floor, "now I just have to ask that nerd from class if I did this right."

"You are so mean to your friends."

"Well he is a nerd. I am one too sometimes. Anyway, do you think that Pow and Sherry will be happy forever?"

I glanced over to her bed. Two stuffed animals sat side-by-side. "Shouldn't it be panda and wife?" She rolled her eyes.

"Doesn't matter, I am not doing it again. Now let's go get ready for school." I glanced up at the clock and groaned. Destiny liked to do everything at the last minute. Now I only had fifteen minutes to get ready for school, not near enough time.

I opened Destiny's door and rushed out, running into Codi. Sending him a quick wave, I charged into my room. Luckily, my clothes had been picked out the night before.

I had a flowing purple skirt and a white shirt with purple flowers on. Not having time to look in the full mirror, I prayed I looked good and went to fix my hair and makeup, a pale shade of purple eyeshadow and a pale pink lipstick. After fixing my hair I hurried out of the bathroom. Glancing at the clock, I realized I only had three minutes left. With yet another silent curse directed at my sister, I grabbed my bag and slipped on my shoes.

Destiny was at the foot of the stairs. She was reading a book and, by the way her bag was thrown on the floor, I could tell she had been waiting.

"How can yo get dressed that fast?"

She paused in her book, "I don't have to put on all of the war-paint." She dog eared the page and stood up in one swift movement. "Let's just be lucky that I don't take as long as you or we would never be on time."

I looked at her, noticing something that I had at first missed. Her normally over-sized clothes were replaced with jeans and a purple tank top. "Are you alright? You seem more... subdued." A blush formed on her cheeks and I raised an eyebrow. Something was definitely going on.

"I will explain in the car. Can we just go please?" I nodded and headed towards the door. Destiny called out a goodbye to Codi and closed the door. She turned her head towards Sarah's house before sharply turning back to face the truck.

Slamming the door closed, she focused on starting the car. I looked at her expression. She acted just like I did when I first started to like Alec.

My eyes widened, well duh! Of course that's it. I smiled, "so how is Jayden doing?" She chewed on her lip and looked out the window to back up.

"Have you noticed how much Mr. Cole and mom are dating now? We hardly ever see her anymore. I hope he realizes that if they are going to start a real relationship, he will have to see us eventually outside of school."

I told her to stop avoiding the question. She took a turn and shrugged. I stared at her, open mouthed. How could she not know? Maybe I was wrong... Alec and I had been talking whenever we could. She doesn't even know how he is?

Destiny scowled at the road, "not everyone is as hyper about these kind of things as you. Besides, I wanted to wait to tell you until we got to school so I wouldn't have to hear the squealing. If you start it now I swill wrap my truck around a pole. Now stop the inner questions. I swear I can hear you from over here." I bit my tongue to stop my squeals, I was just so happy though! My sister finally has a boyfriend!

Destiny pulled into the parking lot and turned off the engine. With a sigh, she hopped out of the car and started towards the school. I followed. Drake walked by and slung an arm around her shoulder, whispering something into her ear. She blushed and nodded her head yes before shoving him away.

"Well I have to go. The ladies are waiting." Drake waved and walked towards the school.

"See? I told you he would never date you." Chloe walked over to Destiny, hips shaking all the way.

"Good thing I don't like him then," she replied smoothly. Chloe laughed and shook her head.

"Oh really? Then who is it that you like? You couldn't get any-"

"Hello Destiny! I have missed you." Shooting a secret glare at Chloe, Jayden walked up to destiny and gave her a quick kiss.

Chloe turned red with fury, "Jayden is dating you? Please, he only wants something from you." She turned and stormed off. Destiny scowled at the back of the retreating head and hugged Jayden. She seemed a little nervous at first before relaxing.

"I think you are thinking the same thing I am. It took them long enough, didn't it?" Alec snuck up behind me. His breath tickled my ear.

"Definitely." I turned around and planted a quick kiss on his lips before pulling away and grabbing Destiny by the arm.

"See you two in a little bit. Have fun at school today! I waved and sent another quick kiss to Alec before heading in to the school. The bell went off as soon as we stepped inside.

The End

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