Chapter 23

I blinked, "sure, why not?" Chloe's smile slipped.

"Wait, I want you to..."

"Nope, too late." I walked off to find Drake. In the gym, a group of girls huddled in one corner. I headed in that direction, weaving through the sweat-covered bodies. My intuition was right, I found him in the center of the group of girls.

I scooted as close to him as I could, "there is something I need to tell you. Can we go somewhere else?" He nodded and said goodbye to the girls. Drake followed me out of the gym.

We walked past Chloe and her group. Despite ny inner praying, she noticed me and let out a cruel laugh. "She likes Drake? Ha, that is too funny. She will never get someone like him." Drake looked at Chloe before turning to me, confusion written across his face.

He whistled, "what have you gotten yourself into?" I shot a glare at the back of the Barbie leader's head. If only I had some super powers.

"Just shut up and follow me. I will explain in a minute." I jogged down the maze of school hallways. Drake was puffing behind me, trying to keep up. We came to the front doors and I stopped.

I sucked in a breath, guess I don't have a choice. I had to tell him how I felt.
I wish Chloe to an ugly farm. I could have lived alone for the rest of my life without interference. The aliens would have taken me to their spaceship where I could help create a whole new world out of popcorn. Thanks to Chloe and her dare, I had to tell my crush how I felt, the aliens would never take me now.

Of course, if I didn't have a crush, everything would be much simpler. Isn't that a stupid word, crush? It sounds like I am going to kill the person. That is not good foreshadowing.

"Desi? Are you still with me? I thought you were going to tell me something."

I blinked, "yeah, I was." I took another deep breath, mentally prepairing myself to tell him. "Ok, so Chloe and I made a bet and I lost so she dared me to tell the person I like how I feel. And so I brought you over here because I..."

He started laughing. I put a hand on my hip and looked at him. "I'm sorry, I think I get it. Look I like you and all but I am not sure if I like you that much. I might need some... Motivation." I narrowed my eyes.

"Fine, I will hook you up with what's-her-face in science that you drool over all the time. Good enough for you?" Drake immediately perked up.

"Sure, I will be back in just a bit." He started to walk off before turning around, "no chickening out."

After he was out of sight, I collapsed on the floor, blocking the whole hallway. In my head, I stabbed stakes through me so I wouldn't escape. Maybe the aliens would take me right now, then I wouldn't have to do any of this. Even with my ninja-alpacas cheering me on, I was nervous. I wasn't worried about him not liking me, after all I don't think he will, I am worried about it ruining our friendship. Or worse, he could actually like me back. What would I do then?

Oh my lollipops, did I actually have a sane thought? I pinched myself in the leg so this creepy sane train would end.
"That old rhyme just came into my head when I looked at you."

I opened my eyes, "oh yeah which rhyme is that?"

He smirked, "the one about seeing London, France, and your underpants."

I blushed, "see why I hate these things?"

"I am just kidding, are you going to stand up?"

"Can't," I replied simply.

"And why not?"

"I am staked to the floor."

Jayden shook his head, "oh really? Even if I did this?" He sat beside me and ran his fingers up my side. I struggled to pull away without movig my arms and legs. It didn't work. After a minute, I finally curled into a ball so he would stop.

"Aha, I have magic powers."

I scoffed, "yeah right, I am the one with the awesome powers.

"Uh-huh So Drake said there is something you want to tell me?"

I hesitated by sitting up, "yeah there is." He raised an eyebrow, signaling for me to go on. "I like you."

He laughed, "I like you too. Is that what you dragged me out here to say?"
I groaned, no I mean I really like you. I..." he watched me with a blank expression," Ugh, you don't get it. Fine I will show you." Before he could respond, I pressed my lips to his. He didn't respond at all. I pulled away.

Keeping my eyes down I spoke, "sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I just didn't know how else to tell you. I know you don't feel the same way, but we can still be friends, right?" He didn't respond. I sighed and stood up, "I will see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Jayden." I hurried out the front doors.

After sending a quick text to Celestial, I slipped into mom's van. Without thinking, I headed to the park near my house. It was the perfect place to be depressed about a lost friendship.

The End

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