Chapter 22

Cheers erupted from around the room, I let out a weak yell myself. Alec stood beside me, howling and chanting Destiny's name. The boy on stage had to wait a few minutes before continuing. His name was Billy. The only reason I know that is because I dated him last year. I broke up with him, of course. He just wasn't right for me.

“Alright, now that it is quiet, Chloe will go first. Why don't you tell us about your look?”
Chloe tool the microphone. with a quick safety pat on her hair, she started speaking, " I will start with my hair first. my mother has some of the best hair professionals from around the world do my hair. She of course had the same done for my make-up. The dress is an original..." Gosh could this girl be any more boring, or predictable? All of the Barbie backups clapped whenever Chloe stopped to take a breath.

She isn't even that pretty. her dull brown hair shone with artificial color. It was piled in giant curls on top of her head. her make-up consisted of pale blue eyeshadow, a slightly darker shade of eyeliner, and pale pink lip gloss. The dress was a pale blue as well, and as short as if could be without her being arrested for public exposure.

Destiny now stood in front of the stage. She was scowling at the microphone in front of her. "Do I really have to talk about this stupid stuff?" After a nod from Billy she continued, "Fine. I have no idea what my hair and face looks like. Celestial did it, she said it was perfect though. I have no idea what she means by that though. She also bought this dress. It was white at first, but I painted it brown and green because I thought it looked cool. I did the same with the shoes. The anklets are just an added touch because I like the sound they make. Is that enough?" She didn't wait for an answer, instead she handed Billy the microphone back and went to her spotlight.

I heard a few whistles throughout the room while she spoke. I felt a surge of pride, she did look amazing. i did a good job, if you as me. Her hair was left alone, except for a few sprays of water so her hair would naturally curl. Our mom had died it the day before, it was green and blues. I used brown eyeliner and green eyeshadow with a clear lip gloss as her make-up. with her own touches added, she was a forest queen.

If only it was a real beauty contest. These extra features would ruin it.

"Next the famous waves." i concentrated on the stage again. Chloe waved and kissed with winks thrown in between. Destiny did nothing, just stared at the floor. I winced, that would lose her some brownie points.

“Finally, the questions. Chloe, why don't you go first again? What are your plans for the future?” I didn't listen, it would probably be something perfect sounding again. Instead, I turned to watch Alec. He looked a little bored, there was even a little drool crawling out of his mouth.

“OK, Your turn Destiny. The first question is, 'how many children would you like to have?'”
She glared at Billy, “What the pineapple does that have to do with a beauty pageant?”

“It is a pre-written question, I didn't write it. What does pineapple have to do with that sentence?”

She shrugged, “Spongebob popped into my head.”

Billy appeared flustered, “I think that wraps up this years pageant. Please place your votes and we will say the winner in an hour.” He hurried off of the stage as the lights went out. Destiny appeared by my side a few minutes later, Chloe was behind her.

“Just admit it. I won this.”

“That wasn't a beauty contest, it was a freaking trivia show. Who the unicorn has the right to know how many alien babies I want?”

Chloe flashed a smug smile, “Doesn't matter. You agreed to let this be the judge.” Destiny scowled at her and stormed off, probably to dent her locker again. 'Beating things with books and pretending they are Chloe's face' is one of Destiny's favorite games.
Alec rubbed my shoulders. He said I was to tense and needed to calm down, everything would be fine. I smiled at his affection, he was the cutest sweetheart ever!

Destiny's P.O.V.

I stood outside the gym doors. The nerve of that brown-haired heifer, how dare she be so smug. I stomped my foot on the ground. My locker had already been pulverized. The new janitor had to yell at me so I would stop. Now I was left to guess what Chloe would dare me to do if she did win. The possibilities were endless, and terrifying. I think this bet might have been a bad idea, after all.
Cheering exploded from the gym. I stood up straighter, they were announcing the winner. “And the winner is...” More cheering cut off the rest. Darn, that means I will have to ask Celi who the winner was.

“Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!” Or not. I walked to the opposite wall and slid to the floor. Celestial came running out, Alec right behind her. Finally, they got together. They were making me sick.

“Are you alright? I am so sorry you lost. “

“I am fine, do you know what the ugly old hag had planned for me?” she shook her head sadly.

“Ugly old hag? And I was going to be nice, but now...” The witch walked up to me, a smile on her lips. “I want you to tell your crush you like him.”

The End

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