Chapter 21

Celestial's pov

"I changed my mind, don't make me go through with it. Please Celi, I don't want to." Destiny held on to the school's front door with all her might. Turner and I were pulling on Destiny's waist with all we could. I never knew she was that strong.

"Come on Desi, you will have fun. Besides, if you wimp out now, Chloe will win your bet." Turner let go as he was talking. Destiny released her hold on the door and stood up.

"I am not going to let that fish-eyed Barbie win. Come on, lets go." She walked into the gym, only hesitating once before entering.

"That was amazing," I gushed to Turner, "I couldn't even figure that out!" He rubbed the back of his neck and gave a small laugh. He was looking outside the door. I turned enough that I could see who he was looking at. Standing in the doorway was a completely stunning boy. His hair was brown with a thick white streak in his bangs. His tux looked like a perfect fit, not a cheap piece of cloth passed down from an older family member.

I whistled, "I thought Destiny was joking. You two better go and there and dance." Turner sent me a relieved smile and took the other boy's hand.

"If that guy you are waiting for abandons you, come dance with us," Turner yelled over hhis shoulder. I waved to show I heard before looking outside again. Alec still hadn't shown up, I was starting to get worried. I knew he wouldn't ditch unless he wished to be locked in a tiny cage and lowered into a shark tank. Destiny told him his fate earlier this week.

A hand wrapped around my waist, "sorry it took so long, Jayden tried to wimp out. I had to convince him to come." I smiled and pulled away. Alec followed me to the gym and I yelled to Jayden Destiny's whereabouts.

The gym had strobe lights that flashed with the beat of the music. The light revealed bodies covered in sweat, pushed up against one another. The gym was empty of all furniture except for a podium and a chair on top of the stage.

I glanced at the clipboard hanging outside of the door. It was the beauty contest sign-up sheet. There were only two names on the paper, Chloe and Destiny. Everyone in the gym, including the teachers, could vote for one of the girls. The contestants had three chances to prove they were better; first was talk about their outfit and hair, next was doing the famous smile and wave, then finally were the questions. I was very uneasy about the test.

We walked into the gym, weaving through the bodies was difficult but we managed without a problem. Near the stage, two computers settled on a weak table. With every pulse from the music, the table would shake, threatening to throw the computers from their perch. The table sunk from the weight, and the computers were sliding closer together. A teacher seemed to understand that the table wouldnt last long because she had clipboards filled with student names and a checklist beside that.

Alec guided me to the dance floor where Drake was dancing with ten girls surrounding him. I turned to Alec with a roll of my eyes.

"Who do you think is worse, Drake or the girls?"

"That is a tough one. I would probably say the girls were more desperate and he probably couldn't leave if he tried. But Drake also is enjoying the attention and hasnt tried to escape." I agreed with him and turned to watch the group. Girls were moving as close to Drake as possiable. They would shove each other out of the way to get closer. Whichever girl was closest, Drake would turn all of his attention to.

"Come on, let's dance." I nodded and turned to face him. I swayed back and forth, without moving from my spot. Alec, on the other hand, jumped around, his arms flailing in every direction. I held in my laughter as he hit a girl behind him. The girl had a drink in her hand. when she was hit, the drink spilled all over her dress and her date's tuxedo.

The music slowed down and Alec came closer. We slowly walked around in a circle as the music droned on. I didn't notice it more than a background noise. I payed more attention to Alec, the way he smelled llike mint and toothpaste, his hair ruffled from dancing around. A blush heated up my neck as I noticed our closeness. He seemed to remember something and pulled away.

"Damn, I can't believe I forgot something so important. I needed to ask you something." He bent down on one knee, I inwardly chanted that he didn't do anything stupid. "Will you go out with me Celestial?" I stared at him blankly for a moment. He looked nervous and slightly uncomfortable.
I suddenly burst out laughing, "why dont you stand up? That looks painful." I waited until he listen before continuing, "that was the cheesiest thing I have ever seen. I can't believe you would ask someone out in such a cheesy way. What is wrong with you? Of course I will go out with you." He stared at me as he tried to figure out what I said in my ramble. Once he understood his eyes lit up in excitement. Alec picked me up and swung me around in excitement. I giggled as he set me down.

"You mad me nervous there for a minute, Celi." I laughed at his sad expression.

"Only a minute? I will have to work on that." I was giddy with happiness. We were so caught up with our excitement, we barely noticed the halt of the music.

"Oh! The beauty pagent, I completly forgot!" Grabbing Alec's hand, I pushed through the crowd until I was as close to the stage as possiable. Destiny and Chloe were standing in the spotlights.

"Who is ready to watch our two contestants strut their stuff?"

The End

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