Chapter 20

I took another step away from Celi, “There is no way I am going to wear that. It’s a freaking wedding dress!”

Celestial sighed and lifted the dress up higher to keep it from getting dirty. “Will you grow up? It is not a wedding dress.”

I don’t see how you can want me to grow up more than a wedding dress. Is getting married not old enough for you? Do I even get to pick the groom? I knew I shouldn’t have left the dress choosing to you. Mr. Pengufulopolopis doesn’t care what I wear.”

“There is no way you are taking that old, ratty thing to the dance.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you are not.”

“Yes I am. Mom! Tell Cel that I can take whomever I want to the dance.” I stuck my tongue. Celestial smiled and turned to mom’s door.

“MY baby is going to the dance> Oh, let me see the dress, “Celestial held it up, “It’s gorgeous, Celi. Do you have a date? Who is it?” Celi explained my plans for the dress and my refusal to wear the dress.

“I don’t think so, young lady. You are going to wear that dress and find a real date. No stuffed animals. No loopholes either, it has to be a living, breathing human.” I stormed off muttering under my breath.

“Tag teaming isn’t fair.” I went upstairs and apologized to Mr. Pengufulopolopis for disappointing him. I grabbed his flipper and sprawled out on the bed. He started sliding off so I pulled him onto my stomach. We talked about the unfairness of my family’s tag teaming for a while.

Celestial knocked on my door. I shot up, knocking my penguin to the floor. She opened without waiting for an answer. She handed me my dress and told me to hurry and get dressed so she could fix my hair and makeup. I sighed and picked the wedding dress of evil up.

“My hair is fine. You cannot touch it ever! I don’t care what mom says.” She closed the door and went to get dressed herself. I sighed in defeat and put the dress on. I was winning two hours ago, how did that change? I refused to look at the mirror. Instead, I twirled around for Mr. Pengu, who was still on the floor. Then I laid down on the bed.

“Don’t lay down, you will ruin the dress!” I jumped up in shock before glaring. She scared the moonlight out of me. She is screaming because of the dress? I thought she was screaming because the ninja squirrels and vampire elephants had broken into the house. No, instead she is freaking out about this stupid darn dress.

She struggled with a giant bag from behind her. It was filled with makeup and hair products. She went through it and grabbed a few carefully chosen items before setting them up on my desk.

The first thing she told me was to stay perfectly still and it wouldn’t hurt a bit. She
Reminded me like a doctor. Of course, the first thing I did was squirm around. She had a brush in her hands and when it came near me, I would jump away.

“That is enough Destiny. It is going to hurt if you keep it up.” I stuck my tongue out but stayed still, occasionally gripping the bed to stop myself from flinching. I don’t know what it was, but my sister coming at me with a brush scared me to the moon.
After an hour, Celi had my makeup and hair done. Hers was done as well. She gave me a long lecture about my wrinkled dress. I zoned out, trying to find a good way to ruin the dress. The groaned once she realized I wasn’t paying attention and went to grab her shoes. I watched her walk out. My eyes landed on a pair of scissors and I smiled. I just found the perfect way to ruin it. I glanced at the clock; I still had four hours to go until the dance.

I slipped off my dress and placed it on the bed. Taking the scissors, I cut the bottom of my dress into ragged triangles. I didn’t pay attention to size or length, I just cut randomly. I did the same to my sleeves. I made the top shorter than the bottom, but otherwise it was the same.

Next, the color. I went over to my tie-dye markers and picked up the package. I snatched up some glitter as well. Walking back over to the dress, I mulled over the colors I wanted. A smile crept up onto my face as an idea came to me. I grabbed the two colors I needed in markers and started. I drew swirls onto the dress and colored them in.

When the color was done, I grabbed matching glitter and placed it on the dress as well. I took the shoes I was going to wear and did the same to them. Then, I took the glitter and dumped it in my hair and face. I waited for the dress to dry before slipping it back on. I jumped a few times to shake off the extra glitter. The carpet was covered in glitter; it would have to be vacuumed later.

The dress was mostly brown and green but I had left a few small white swirls as well. My white ballet shoes had the same design. My eyes wandered over an anklet on my desk. It was the same shade of brown and green and made a slight sound whenever I walked. I slipped it on as well and walked downstairs, happy with my improvements.
My sister and mother were waiting downstairs for me. My mom’s eyes bulged and her jaw dropped. I smiled, the perfect expression, just the one I was hoping for. I looked at my sister, expecting the same expression. Instead, she smiled and started cheering.

“I am awesome; I knew you were going to mess with it. I picked the right colors too. Earthy instead of dark. Go me, go me!” I rolled my eyes.

“Dang twin connection, ruins everything.” Mom blinked and went in for the lecture but a knock stopped her. Celi blushed and bolted to the door, making sure she was there first. Celestial opened the door. Standing in the doorway was Alec, smiling at her. Jayden was standing in the doorway as well, but he looked uncomfortable.

“Why are you here,” Celi asked, looking at Jayden.

“Well, my mom was worried about Destiny not having a date. She said since Alec was going with you, I should take her.” I realized he couldn’t see me hiding behind the door.

Celi shrugged, “If you want. Nice cover up by the way,” Celi winked and and Jayden turned red. “You can meet her at the dance. I want her to be a surprise.” Jayden agreed and left, with Alec.

“Thanks Cel, now I can say I have a date and all I have to do is avoid him at the dance.”

“Oh no you don’t, that poor boy asked you to the dance. The least you can do is dance once or twice with him.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, who said anything about dancing?” I held up my hands to make her pause.

“It is a dance. You are supposed to dance.” I growled under my breath. She had to be right all the time, didn’t she?

Mom handed Celestial her camera and told her to take lots of pictures, especially of me. Celestial forced me to drive mom’s car. She didn’t want to arrive at the dance in a “dirty, old, beat-up truck”. I showed her how I felt about that comment and reluctantly slid into the van.

The End

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