Chapter 19

I watched Drake and Lily shooting plastic darts at one another. Lily was winning by five points so Drake decided to go and sneak around behind. The game had been going on for three hours. Every time Drake lost, he would call a rematch.

I grabbed a gun and looked at them both. It was seven points to win, this gun could hold fourteen. I smiled and quickly shot Lily, she was the better one. Once she was done, I hit Drake. They both dropped their guns and looked at me.

“Score one for the alpacas! Now come on so we can practice the songs before the dance." I gave another small shudder and turned to go back inside.

"Who are you going to bring to the dance? No one would want to go with you." I looked at Drake.

"It’s the other way around. I don't want to go with anyone. Anyway, remember that giant stuffed penguin you bought me last year? I will dress him up in a tux and take him. Mr. Pengufulopolopis." They gave me blank stares but I just grabbed my guitar and turned to the first song. Drake Still hasn't told us when the gig is, I am starting to think he was lying about it. Oh well, my ninja tacos will make him tell. Lily grabbed her teddy bear and watched us. We went through the songs quickly.

"They are missing something." We all tried to think of something that could be missing.

"Maybe we need another singer."

"No way dude, one is just fine. What we need is some softer music." I glared at both of the boys.

"You two are idiots. It’s too practiced. We need something that doesn't sound like we sat for hours making sure he have it perfect. Music isn't about perfection, it’s about having fun.” Drake stared at me before staring at Turner.

"Did she just say something that was semi-sane?"

"I think she did. It must be the end of the world."

"Yep, you are all going to be eaten by giant alpacas. I can't wait." I waved goodbye to the boys before heading back out to the car. Lily was excited to meet Jayden and Alec and wanted to do it before she had to leave. We drove off to my house.

"You know I never asked how Flec was doing. Is she alright?” Lily nodded, happiness shone in her eyes.

Once we arrived at my house, Lily jumped out and hurried to the door. She knocked and waited for Celestial to open the door. Lily leaned from one foot to the other while glaring at the door. I chuckled at her before walking up myself. I noticed a note on the door and pulled it off. It was in my sister's neat handwriting.

The note explained that she went shopping for more food and that I should wait next door if I was bored.

"Guess you are gonna meet the neighbors sooner than you thought." We walked over and knocked at the door. This time it was me moving from one foot to the other glaring at the door. It opened a crack and Alec's hazel eyes peered at me before slamming the door in my face. I stood at the door like an idiot, still in shock. What was his problem? I glared at the door again, willing it to open.

"Maybe if you say please," Lily offered helpfully. I must not have tainted her enough. Say please, I would never! I glared at the door and debated whether or not to jump-kick it open.

Lily looked at my expression, "I thought you hated human to human violence?"

"Not if I do it. I make it interesting." Lily rolled her eyes before she sighed. I gave her a wicked smile and turned back to the door. Maybe I could break in through the back door. I skipped to the back of the house. Whispering came through the door, too quiet for me to make out the words. I wiggled the door handle and hopped when I realized it was unlocked. Sneaking my way inside, I and looked around. It was pitch black. My heart started pounding as I thought of the movie Jayden made me watch. I stared into the corners of the house, waiting for any sign of movement. I heard heavy breathing from behind me and spun around. The door closed and breathing could be heard from behind me again. I whirled around again and stared into the darkness behind me. The heavy breathing came closer but everything was still dark. I took a step back and hit someone. I started screaming before a hand covered my mouth. I went in to bite it before the lights came on. I squinted in the light. I felt a shaking behind me and turned around. Jayden had his hand around my mouth and was trying to hold in laughs. I gasped before pulling free. I hit him in the shoulder and stomped away from him. Alec was standing behind the couch with a microphone in his hand. He gave me a sheepish smile and tried to hide it behind his back. I gave him a death glare before storming over to the cord I followed the trail to some mini speakers that would have surrounded me from where I had been standing earlier.

"What were you doing?"

Jayden smirked at me, "just some payback for you." I narrowed my eyes as a plan came into my head.

"You are going to regret that smile of yours."

The End

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