Chapter 18

"We have gone to three stores already, how much longer," Destiny whined. I rolled my eyes and continued looking for the next store. We had only gone to five stores; I can’t believe she was complaining already.

"We haven't even bought you a dress yet. If you are going to wear one it has to be perfect" she sighed and dragged her feet. I went to the next store and immediately started searching the dress rack. I bought some good everyday dresses but nothing for the dance. I still had to buy a dress for Des too. It didn’t make it easier that she was so dang picky.

"Look she is actually doing it. Still you will look much better, Chloe." I looked up to see Iris. She was surrounded by the rest of the Barbies. Destiny clenched her fists but continued staring at the ceiling before a smile played across her lips.

"What about you Iris? I heard you didn't even have a date. I guess no one will date your ugly ass after Turner. He already has a date to the prom, and they are much better looking than you are. Destiny gave a satisfied smirk when Iris stuttered. "Look, here he comes now." Iris went wide-eyed and hurried out of the store. Destiny broke out laughing.

"Hey, girlies. How are you two?" Destiny looked up to see Turner before bursting out into laughter again.

"We are fine. Destiny just finished being mean to Iris," I smiled at Turner before looking for a dress.

"Yes, it was the most fun I have had in a while. Hey, where is your boyfriend? I thought I got to meet him today?"

Turner blushed a deep red, "I don't want you to chase him off. Besides shouldn't you be finding a boyfriend if your own?" Destiny waved him off before searching through the dresses, making a disgusted face at each one.

"Turner, help me find the perfect dress for Desi." Turner and I searched through all of the dresses. I paused when I found the perfect one for me. It was a dark purple with silver swirls. I had the perfect silver heels to go with it too! I let out a small squeal and went to try the dress on. It fit perfectly so I bought it before returning to Turner.

He made a quiet motion and told me to follow him. He had found a dress for Destiny but didn’t want her to see it yet. I looked at the dress he held up. It would go to her knees. The dress was loose and the sleeves were thin material that went down to the wrists. Best of all, it was white. I nodded with excitement and handed it to the cashier. I called to Destiny and told her to hurry up.

"I don't even get to see the hideous thing I have to wear?” Both Turner and I said no. We headed back to the school. We had study hall for an hour after lunch so we didn't miss anything. It was just ending when we walked in. Destiny hurried to her science class while I went to my journal class. The rest of the day was boring but I spent the time trying to pick out the perfect accessories for Destiny and I. I knew there was no way I could get her into heels, but she did have ballet shoes that would work. Maybe some thin make up and I could curl her hair. Oh, she would be perfect! All of the boys would drool over her, even more than they already did.

I blushed thinking about what Alec had said before I left. I can't believe he wanted me to go to the dance! My mini-me in my head jumped up and down with excitement. I might have jumped a little too, the teacher kept sending me strange looks. Class finally ended. I hurried out to my mom's car. She patiently listed while I talked about the dresses.

Destiny's P.O.V

I hurried out of the school and into my car. I had to pick up Lily today. She was going to come and watch the band practice. She loved watching us play. Turner and Drake loved having her too.

I pulled into the building and honked my horn. The nurses in the building didn't like me. They banned me from going inside so this became our routine. Lily skipped out of the door and smiled at me. Her blond hair was in pigtails and she had a Teddy bear in her hands.

"Nice bear, is that from your boyfriend?" Lily nodded and giggled. I smirked while driving to Drakes house. Lily and Drake had a love-hate relationship. One day, they could be sweeter to each other than apple pie. The next, they could be having dart fights in the backyard, calling each other immature names. Lily's names were always creative. Once, she called him a "loopy-headed-freak-panda-monster".

We pulled into the driveway and hopped out. I could tell by Lily's innocent smile that she had something evil planned. I called her name and gave her a high-five. I told her to make sure she gets him good as she hurried into the house. When I stop to think about it, I am probably not a good influence for her.

The End

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