Chapter 17

Celestial's P.O.V.

"Score! Lakeview has won the game. All thanks to the beautiful Celestial, of course." I came to a stop as the buzzer went off. It was our last basketball game of the season and we had won. Our team had actually won most of the games this year. It was an amazing feat.

"Good job girl, I knew we kept you on for a reason." The coach gave me a pat on the back before talking to the other teammates. I was the only girl on the team and the coach made sure to treat me like everyone else, except for the comments.Our school wasn’t divided into boy and girl’s teams. The school only had a team for the boys. None of the girl really ever wanted to play. I was the only one and they didn't mind letting me join. The only downside was there was one changing room.

I hurried into the room and got dressed in a pale purple dress before running back out. Destiny waited for me outside and gave me a big hug before wrinkling her nose.

"Man you stink; when we get home I think it's bath time." I rolled my eyes and returned the hug. She pulled back as everyone was hustled out of the gym. One of the school dances were tonight so the gym needed to be decorated in a few hours. My teammates hurried to change while I waited outside.

I felt arms wrap around my waist and turned around. Alec was standing behind me. He pulled me closer and spun me around. We stood talking for a little bit until a boy, I think his name was Josh, started walking towards me. He asked me out every dance and I always said no. However, he didn't seem to get the hint.

"Hey Alec, can you do me a huge favor?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"I need you to kiss me." His eyes widened and I was sure he was going to say no. Instead, he leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. It wasn't anything to fancy but it left me breathless afterwards. When he pulled away, I looked behind me. The boy had turned around and left.

"Thank you."

"You know, if you wanted to be kissed by me that bad you could have just said so." I blushed and punched him in the arm. Before I could respond, my team came out and the coach asked for a quick meeting. I waved a quick goodbye to Alec before running to the coach. He went on about how good we were and how this was the first time our school had gotten the trophy in five years. I wasn't paying to much attention to what he was saying though. He said the same thing every year and I could almost recite it word for word.

We were kicked out of the gym early so it could be decorated for the dance tonight. It was to celebrate our school getting third place for state tests. I mentally went through my closest trying to pick something to wear. Nothing popped out; maybe it was time to go shopping again.

Destiny appeared from around a corner. She looked ready to strangle someone. She looked up and walked over to me.

"This dance, do I have to wear a dress?"

I looked at her with wide eyes. Destiny never went to a dance, or even asked about them. What had gotten into her?

"What is the matter? I thought you hated dances."

She glared at the wall behind her, "I was walking by the Barbies when I heard Chloe say how amazing her dress was. She said everyone would be chasing after her. I, of course, told her whatever dress she was in, she would still look like an upside-down pig. Chloe told me I couldn't even get once glance no matter what I wore. We went at it for a little bit longer and now I have to go to the dance to prove her wrong. Now will you answer my question?" I started laughing.

"The school doesn‘t say you have to wear a dress, but I do. We are going shopping for a dress at lunch."

Destiny groaned and stalked off. She went halfway down the hallway before stopping.

"I almost forgot, Alec said this is for you." She tossed me a note and turned back around to resume her stalking. I looked down at the note and opened it slowly. On the note was one sentence. I looked at it for a few minutes before bursting out into laughter.
The note had a line from one of the songs I played the other night at Alec's house. He said it was an irritating song so I made him listen to it until he could recite the song. It said, "Are you gonna be my girl?"

Alec came up behind me and peered over my shoulder. "Stupidest song ever. Who sent that?"

I looked up at him, "Destiny said you did."

"Nope, I was going through your locker and noticed it fall out. I don't know who it’s from."

"How did you get my combination?" I waved him off when he was about to answer. That was a stupid question, it had to be Destiny. I turned back to the paper trying to figure out who wrote it. Alec helped, throwing suggestions out every now and then.
I took the paper out again as we were heading to lunch. I had gone through every boy in school I knew but none of them seemed like a person to listen to this song, or to know I liked it. I sat down at lunch and looked around for Destiny. I couldn't find her and as I started trying to figure out why, I remembered that we had to go shopping. I waved a quick goodbye to Alec and ran out. As I left the lunchroom I could hear Alec.

"I hope you find something good if you are going to be my girl."

The End

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