Chapter 16

I groaned and grabbed my head. Man, I was so tired. I can’t believe I tried to work with only four hours of sleep. I must be crazy. Nancy called my name and I hurried to catch up with her. We had three horses injured by a drunk driver. Nancy drove us over to the farm and we were working on the pregnant mare first to make sure nothing went wrong with her baby.
“They both look good. Did you check the other horses?” Nancy was still checking the mare one more time to make sure.
“Yeah, they had a few cuts that will probably scar and they are spooked, but they will be fine.” I turned to look at the owner, “Next time keep them inside the fence.” He nodded and went to round up the horses. I sighed and patted the horse.
We finished quickly and went back to the clinic. We had left one of the part time workers in charge and by the looks of it he wasn’t doing so well. There was a long line for the desk and he was looking flustered.
“We don’t have you for those prescriptions miss, are you sure you are at the right place?”
“Yes I am sure, I went here for the last ten years and no one remembers me?”
I quickly cut Bobby off and went to talk to the old lady, “Come on Ms. Delfano; let me take you back to the nursing home. We had the medicine delivered while you were here.” I gently guided her to Nancy who drove her back.
“She is a little crazy. If she comes again just call us and we will take care of it.”
“She doesn’t take her dog here?” Bobby was looking a little less stressed and was taking care of the other costumers while talking to me.
I looked at him, “She doesn’t, nor ever did, have a dog.” We continued to take care of the other costumers and quickly had it finished. There were no injuries except for the horses today. Most of them just wanted a check up or more medicine.
After they all left I lay down on the waiting room couch and stared at the ceiling. It was a pale creamy color with gold swirl designs all over it. I thought it was ugly but everyone else pointed out how pretty it looked. I will never understand the inner thoughts of these muggles.
I am a witch from far, far away. I never went to Hogwarts, couldn’t stand the London people and their accents. I have powers equal to Voldemort. I put a hex on the ceiling. Whoever says they think the colors are pretty will be turned into a half horse, half frog combination and turned colorblind, even though they must already be colorblind if they like these colors.
The one thing I like about this veterinary clinic is that there are some irritating, blue plastic chairs but there is also a seven or eight people wide couch. It is a really comfy couch too. Man, I will have a bunch of work to do tomorrow since I skipped for work. No one except the principal knows why I skip sometimes. Most of the teachers give me extra work because of it but I don’t really mind. I like about it is seeing their faces when it is all done the next day. I sneak into the teachers stuff and grab the things I will have to do while I am gone. I normally have it finished two or three days before they even give it to me.
“I have no idea how someone as short as you can take a whole couch. Will you scoot over?” I opened my eyes to look at Jayden. I switched my gaze over to the clock. School didn’t get out for another half hour.
“What are you doing here?”
“I thought I would come see you, I had free time this period since the teacher had a mental breakdown. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and she is going crazy.”
“Poor guy might want to leave the country. She is one of the craziest teachers ever, and it’s the mean crazy.” I rolled over and curled into a ball. I looked up again when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Jayden was shaking me so that I would stand up. I did, and we walked to his car. He drove me to my house and I went and crashed onto the couch. As soon as I did, I was wide awake.

Jayden came over and sat beside me. We both decided to pick out a movie. I finally convinced him to watch "Legend" with me. I mean, come on how could he have never seen that movie before? It was one of my mom's favorite movies when she was little. I grew up on this movie.

"Well that was definitely one of the most boring movies ever." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Whatever it is an awesome movie. Why don't you pick out one then Mr.?" He went over and went through my bookshelf of movies. We had a floor to ceiling cabinet full of books, and half of them were missing because we let people borrow them. He picked out a movie and put it in. When I noticed what it was I tensed up a little. Dang, I hate "Saw" but there was no way I was letting him know that.


I snorted, "You wish." It started and took all my might not to flinch or hide my face every time something happened. Halfway through the movie I gave up and hid behind the blankets. Jayden pulled me closer so I hid behind his shoulder. He laughed slightly and told me he would protect me. I curled up into a ball beside him and turned away from the movie.

I heard the screams coming from the TV but I felt better with Jayden beside me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep think about mask wearing, evil unicorns. They were terrorizing people who dared to touch them. The unicorns would put the humans into the never ending candy forts full of sugar filled evil beings. Maybe I should lay off the candy for a while.

The End

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