Chapter 15

"I am sorry Mrs. Octopus, your husband is dead. My bully of a sister sat on him before he could get to safety. If it makes you feel better I should inform you he died a hero." I watched as Mrs. Octopus cried. She thanked me and disappeared back into her home universe. I waved her off and walked back downstairs. All this sadness made me hungry. I walked into the kitchen to find something to eat.

I hope mom's date is going ok. If not I will have to hurt Mr. Cole. I smiled at that thought. He thought I was being mean before, he better not hurt my mom. I will go into super ninja panda mode on him. That is one of my favorite mode but I don't get to use it very much, something about it being "to dangerous" for people.

Celestial walked through the door but I ignored her. I can't forgive her after killing Mr. Gage Octopus right before my very eyes. I wonder of that means that if she did it behind my back I wouldn't mind as much. I guess we will never know now.
"Really Desi, the silent treatment? That isn't going to bring Gage back."

"No because you killed him you heartless sqausher. All men fall prey under that butt of yours." She rolled her eyes and stomped off. I turned back to the fridge to find something to eat. Let’s see, I need some comfort food. I grabbed a banana, peanut butter, and a tortilla. I spread the peanut butter and then put it in my toaster. I sound like a chef.

Now ladies and gentlemen when the peanut butter is hot to the touch you take it out of the toaster and lay it on a plate. Next, add enough banana slices so that the peanut butter is completely covered up, the slices and exactly how much are up to your taste. You may need a second banana. Also, if you do not like bananas, pickles are also acceptable. I have never tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich myself, but I have heard they are quite tasty. Now, wrap the sandwich up to ensure nothing falls out and you have yourself a perfectly tasty peanut butter and banana wrap.

I took a bite out of my treat and walked outside. I sat down in our garden and started to eat. One of the stray dogs came up to me so I stuck some peanut butter on his nose. I always thought it was funny to watch them try to get it off.

“And now we see the true evil of her. Instead of kicking puppies, she makes them try to eat something they cannot reach.”

“They can too, if they try long enough,” I looked up at Jayden and stuck out my tongue. He laughed and sat down beside me. I looked up at the sky, clouds were starting to cover up they blue. Maybe it will rain. I am done with snow. I finished up my snack and put the plate beside me. Jayden looked at me and checked the time.


“Don’t you have a band practice today?” I checked the time. Dang, he was right. I threw my plate into the sink and bolted upstairs. Jayden grabbed my case while I got dressed. We met downstairs and hurried into the car. I turned on my truck and drove over to Drake’s house.


“Darn it Drake, don’t make me hurt you. Let me in,” Jayden and I were standing on Drake’s front porch waiting for him to let us in. After five minutes I gave up and climbed on his roof. He always hid his extra key on top. I found it under a window ledge and tossed it to Jayden. He caught it while I climbed down. After I was down we walked into his house and sat on the couch.

“Yeah she is going to be stuck outside for a while, it will show her not to mess with me,” Drake stopped talking when he noticed me on the couch. I waved the keys and said hi to Turner. He smirked and said hello back.

“Hey, did you hear the good news? Drake got us a place to play at.”

“No way, I didn’t think you could get it done, good job Drakie. Now all we need is a band name.” I jumped up off the couch and started to pace. Band names, I need a good band name. We came up with a few band names including Road Kill Rebels, Slimy Snails, and the kicker, Playful Primates. We all agreed as a band, meaning Turner and me, that Drake was no longer allowed to pick band names. I don't understand why he thinks the letters have to match. It makes it much more interesting if they don't.

"How about Phony Fishes?"

"Sure, that sounds good. Wait, Desi, wanna shoot me now? If that sounded good, even for a minute, it's time to take a break from names." Turner sighed and rubbed his forehead. I sat down and got out my guitar. I looked at our songs and started playing the newest. Drake had the songs changed so all of our songs we're semi new. The new songs were "Unbreakable" by Fireflight, "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence, and "Wasteland" by Trapt. I managed to convince them to also use "Bad Girlfriend" by Theory of a Deadman. That was the one I was practicing now.

Jayden came over and sat beside me. He watched me practice the songs. I made sure I got the notes and then set the bass between me legs on the floor. My guitar was plain black but I was planning on getting something on it, even if it was just stickers.

"Hey, could I try?"

I looked over at Jayden, "Yeah here ya go." I handed him the guitar and watched him try to play.

"Alright, no. Here you hold it like this. Yep, now put your fingers here. Ok you got it. Strum that note. There you go you got it. Maybe." I was laughing the entire time I tried to teach Jayden how to play. He had some problems trying to figure out the notes. Every time I would laugh he gave me a sheepish smile and told me he had it down. We played for a few hours while Turner and Drake tried to think up a name. I didn't know when the gig was but Drake said we had a few weeks and he would tell be soon.

"I've got it this time Destiny, watch." Jayden played an off-key tune and looked at me.

"Yep, now move your hand here and play like this." I grabbed his hands and again showed him how to place his hands. We all went to bed around five in the morning. I had to be up early for work but I decided I would suffer. After all, how bad could I be with only four hours of sleep?

The End

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