Chapter 14

“Mom, come on!” Celestial was trying to pull our mom into her closet. I was sitting on mom’s bed watching. Celestial decided that she would help get her ready for her date that mom doesn’t know about yet. She knew not to try to involve me, but made me come and watch. Celestial pushed mom on her bed and went into the closet.
“No. To showy. Way to colorful. Maybe.” Mom sighed and lay down on the bed. Celestial took a good thirty minutes to find one she thought was perfect. Then she made mom put on make-up while she went to pick out shoes. I don’t think I will ever understand others of my kind. It takes me ten minutes to get ready, on a bad day. So far, my fastest record was two minutes.
“Mom stop moving, I can’t fix your hair right if you keep moving.” I could see my mom’s irritation in the bathroom reflection. She never got dressed to fancy. At work, she would wear her business skirt and a professional looking shirt. At home, it was sweatpants and a t-shirt, both covered in paint. Now she was wearing a fuchsia dress. The dress went to her knees. It had spaghetti straps and flared out slightly at the end so it moved when she walked. Celestial was pulling her hair down and curling it at the tips. I must have blinked in the middle somewhere because Celestial added something to her hair to make the red streaks stand out as well. The gunk added to her face made her eyes pop out as well.
The doorbell rang and Celestial let out a squeal and then a huff. She told me to go and distract the person at the door until she was ready. I walked downstairs and opened the door. Mr. Cole was standing there with a sheepish expression on his face.
“What are you doing here Mr. Cole?” I managed to look confused, “I didn’t do anything bad this time did I? I have been trying to be good.”
His eyes grew wider and he looked around, “You know why I am here.”
“If I did I wouldn’t be asking.”
“I am here to ask your mom out on a… date.”
“When did you tell me this?”
“I didn’t you practically forced me to come.”
“Yeah only because you like her.” I realized I had made a mistake, so did Mr. Cole.
“I thought so, where is she?”
“Upstairs. Celestial is performing some sort of torture on her, you will see when she comes down.” I let him inside and sat on the stairs. He sat on the couch. I noticed that he had some flowers in her hand. He had some tulips in his hand. They were those mixed up color kind, pink and yellow. I smiled, apparently he knew quite a bit about my mom. I guess he knew I was lying, evening primrose is her second favorite but tulips are her weakness. I faintly heard mom saying she needed to see who was at the door. Goodness, it has been two whole hours. If anyone tried that on me their body would be found chopped up in various swamps around Florida.
Finally, Celestial let mom downstairs. I looked up when she walked in. Mom looked around trying to figure out who might have been at the door. When she spotted Mr. Cole, she let out a sigh and looked at me. She started apologizing about whatever I did.
“Actually, I was wondering if you would like to go out somewhere with me.” My mom looked startled for a moment before nodding. Celestial and I high-fived each other and smiled.
“Are you telling me these two didn’t get into any trouble?”
“Well Destiny had a slight Public Display of Affection at school, but otherwise they were very good.” Hmm, guess he forgot about the pink classroom.
“I told you that was attempted kidnapping. Now I want her back before two, she has work tomorrow and cannot stay out all night like an irresponsible teenager.” I pushed them out the door and slammed in their faces.
“I guess it’s like grandma says, we have romance in our bloods.”
“Yeah everyone finds their ‘soul-mate’. Except for me. I am the match maker queen.”
“You’re right you need a boyfriend, I can’t believe you never had one.”
“I did too!”
“Yeah Turner, and that was because he needed some one to fake date him so the Barbie squad would leave him alone.” I muttered a quiet “that counts” before sitting down. Celestial was walking around the room thinking, probably about who would be perfect for me and then creating a foolproof plan. I groaned and told her I was going to fix the classroom. She nodded and said bye. Darn this is bad, she isn’t even paying attention, I am doomed.
“I hurried to my car and drove off to the school. The door was locked when I tried it so I grabbed my key and unlocked it. The janitor gave me an extra key because I normally had to come in to help clean up something after school. He decided to just give me his extra and hope I don’t use it for evil. Well, that is what most people would do, he somehow knows that I actually like the cleaning up part. The dark classrooms are interesting to walk in. it would be a good movie scene.
“Hey Dave,” I waved at the man in Mr. Cole’s classroom. He was headphones in but nodded when he noticed me. Dave was holding two cans of white paint and big brushes. I walked over and helped him open the cans. He was a tall person with gray hair. His eyes were hazel. I don’t know how long he has worked for the school but it was probably longer than I have been here.
I grabbed a broom and got to work cleaning up the glitter. Dave already had most of the stickers off and was getting the mop ready. After the glitter was swept and put into a trashcan, he mopped while I opened the paint cans and started on the walls. He came over and started working on the opposite wall. It took about an hour but the classroom was back to normal.
“Thank you Des,” he said.
“Yep, do you need help with anything else?”
“Nope. I will see you tomorrow?”
“Uh huh.” I grabbed my stuff and walked out. I normally tried to convince him to let me help him, but I knew that most of the time it was impossible to convince him. I liked the work and it was fun at night.
After I got home, I walked over to the couch and flopped down. I made sure there was room left for Gage. I turned on the TV and surfed through trying to find something interesting. Celestial sat down on the extra cushion that Gage was witting on.
“No, you sat on Gage!”
Celestial rolled her eyes, “Your imaginary date/body guard didn’t get hurt don’t worry.
“He went poof into nothing! You sent him back to the demon realm, how could you!” I stormed off upstairs to tell his family the bad news.

The End

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