Chapter 13

Destiny’s P.O.V.

I turned to Jayden and smiled, time for our plan. Mr. Cole finally calmed everyone down and started class. His face was still red from yelling so much. He turned around and started talking about World War two. I yawned and put my head on the desk. I believe that wars are idiotic, at least most of the ones we have had so far. I knew Mr. Cole would eventually catch me not paying attention but hopefully it would not be until the plan was ready.
I smiled when I thought of it. I wasn’t sure what he was going to be ‘arrested’ for, Zack and Jay had come up with that part, but I knew it would be awesome. Jayden had been laughing about it all day. We decided to be nice and wait until most of the kids left. There was an extra credit class in a few minutes. Everyone expect for Jay, Alec, Celi, and I were going to the class. I heard the announcement over the intercom and smiled, finally!
The class shuffled out and I sat up. Jayden had a big grin on his face and his blue eyes were lit up in excitement. I smiled and stared at the door. Mr. Cole was complaining about the lack of kids. I watched the door open and Zack walk through. I looked him over. I never really had the chance to give him a proper look before. He had dark blue eyes like his cousin but his hair was a golden almost orange color. He was muscular and he walked like he had somewhere to be. My new best friend, I will call him squishy and he shall be mine! I snapped out of my weird ‘Finding Nemo’/reality dream and focused on what he was saying.
“I am sorry but you are under arrest.”
“What for?” Mr. Cole looked irritated and grumpy. Guess he didn’t have anything to be guilty over. Dang, that ruins all the fun.
“For not manning up and asking the lady you like out on a date like a gentleman.” My eyes widened almost as big as Mr. Coles. I started to laugh and clutch my stomach.
“W-what are you talking about?”
“My mum you dummy!” I finally piped up looking at him, “We know you like her. Why don’t you be a man and ask her out? You have our blessing.”
“Yeah you have passed all of our tests with flying colors. I am honestly surprised you haven’t tried to murder us even once.” Celestial finished and smiled her sweetest smile. Mr. Cole got a faint blush on his ears and started to stutter. I thought adults were supposed to act more mature than teenagers? Why is he stuttering? I heard the bell ring.
“Well we gotta go to science. We better see you later tonight,” I paused at the door and turned around, “Oh and her favorite type of flower is evening primrose.” I waved and walked out the door. Dang now we are going to need a different teacher to hassle, maybe the P.E. teacher. There is a bunch of ways to prank a P.E. teacher. Besides, if Mr. Cole hurts my mom, we can prank him to no end.
We spent the rest of school placing bets on how/if/when Mr. Cole is going to show up. I wonder where they will go. I better give him the ‘she better be back before two’ speech. That sentence had a lot of B’s, better, be, back, before. I wonder if I could make a sentence using all b words. Balding baby Bambi bent backwards blindly biting biscuits between breaking backbreaking breezes. Oh yeah, go me. I wonder what other ones I could do. Let’s start with a. An angry ant ate apples and angrily acted amazing alliterations about A’s. Oh yeah go me!
I stopped my cheer when I fell down on the floor. My nose hurts, what the flapjacks happened? I looked up and noticed I had hit the glass doors. I heard the kids in the hall laughing. I flipped my pinky and grabbed Jayden’s hand. That’s right I am so bad, no one ever dares to flip their pinky finger at someone else. I am just that awesome. I stood up and looked at them.
“Hey you guys want to know something?” They looked nervously at each other.
“Can’t touch this,” I started to do the dance the best I could, “Stop. Hammer time.” The kids started to walk off and Jayden grabbed me.
“I think that’s enough.” I nodded and opened the door. I waved my hand in front of me to make sure no more force fields were standing in my way and walked through the door. That was a close one. The ninja’s almost had me there. I scared them off with my awesome dancing though. That’s right can’t touch this. I started to do the dance again. Jayden rolled his eyes and lifted me up over his shoulder. I screamed and everyone turned to look at me. I continued until Mr. Cole caught my eye.
“Hey Mr. Cole! Don’t forget about tonight,” I watched his hears glow a bright red.
“No PDA at school Miss Sky.” I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him.
“It’s not PDA, it’s me being kidnapped! Do you need to learn what PDA is?” I made Jayden drop me then looked at him. I stood on my toes and kissed him on the lips. After a few seconds I pulled away and looked at my homeroom teacher.
“That is PDA.” I turned and walked off with everyone staring at me. I guess I shouldn’t have done that. His lips are really soft. I blushed and jogged to Jayden’s car. I looked over my shoulder and noticed Jay was still standing in the same place with wide eyes. I smirked and leaned on his car until he came over to unlock it. I slid into the passenger seat and looked out the window. Ha! I so managed to faze Jayden!

The End

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