Chapter 12

Jayden’s P.O.V.

I hit the alarm clock and rolled out of bed. Destiny hadn’t woken up yet so I took a pillow and threw it at her. I learned the first morning not to touch her. I had a bruise on my knee and shoulder for four days because of her ‘ninja mode’. Destiny attacked the pillow then opened her eyes. She looked around for a moment then got up and walked to the bathroom, grabbing clothes along the way. After she walked into the bathroom I started laughing at her hair. It looked like she was electrocuted a couple times. I guess she heard me anyway because she opened the door up a bit and threw a hairbrush at me. I walked into my closet and picked out a black shirt with blue flames around the bottom, and some jeans. Destiny walked out ten minutes later wearing a black tank top and some jean shorts. I whistled and walked into the bathroom. Before I did I had the pleasure of seeing her cheeks turn a dark red and try to find other clothes in her bag.

I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Destiny was flipping some eggs. Just as I sat down she placed them on a plate and slid it to me. She quickly made her own and ate. I looked over to the living room and noticed Celestial and Alec on the couch bed. I looked back to destiny and raised my eyebrow. She just shrugged and grabbed her bag.

“You know, I didn’t even realize I had this many showy clothes until now. I wonder where they have been hiding,” Destiny said as she walked out the door.

“Why, so you could wear them more?”

She scoffed, “No so I can burn them when I go back home.”

I laughed and shook my head, “The boys would be all over you if you wore those clothes more often.”

“My point exactly.” I rolled my eyes and continued walking. This girl is so different. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she will do whatever she wants. As if to prove my point when we got to the school she too off after some poor kid and started screaming some random things at him, poor guy. I continued walking into the building. Destiny caught up and grabbed my hand. She started skipping and singing Unwell by Matchbox 20. She motioned for me to sing along. I rolled my eyes but after a couple more times of her trying to make me sing I finally did. She jumped up and down while skipping. Trust me that is the strangest sight you will ever see. When we walked into homeroom her eyes lit up with excitement. I could tell she was ready for her plan. We sat in the front of the class and got out all of out things. Mr. Cole walked through the door and eyed Destiny suspiciously.

I was starting to wonder what the teacher did to make Destiny mess with him so much. She seemed to get along with the other teachers well. When the teacher wasn’t looking I leaned over and asked her. She told me that he liked her mom so she messed with him to make sure he was worthy of her. I chuckled and turned my attention back to the teacher. He looked at us and made a shushing motion. Destiny smiled her sweetest smile and apologized. Mr. Cole looked like he was witnessing her fly around the room. Almost everyone in the class cracked up laughing. Those who didn’t were staring at Destiny the same way. We had decided we weren’t going to do the prank until history, Destiny decided to be nice just to make him squirm. This girl is so evil it’s amazing. We went through all the other classes just as quick. Destiny was bouncing up and down at lunch. After lunch was history.

We sat next to Alec and Celestial. Turner and Drake were already sitting down. I noticed that Iris wasn’t there. I was about to ask why when the Barbie squad passed by. I noticed Iris standing in the middle of the group. Guess that answered that question. I knew for a fact that no one at this table could stand the poplars, or ‘Barbie crew’ as Destiny called them. She had also decided that our nickname should be ‘pop rocks’. One day Destiny and Drake were fighting over pop rocks and her idea just came to her. So now it’s the nickname and band name. I heard Destiny fire off a string of creative words. I looked over and she was covered in soda. The main leader of the Barbie crew stood over her with a smug smile on her face. She had shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. I was pretty sure that the hair was bleached and the eyes were contacts. Destiny looked over at the group, her eyes finally settled on Iris.

“Oh Iris how nice to see you again, how is life in Barbieville?”

“I don’t talk to losers like you.”

“Sad that you used to be a loser like us, at least I can throw a punch.” Before Iris could understand what she said, Destiny hit her in the face. Then she turned to the one who poured the soda all over her and smiled, “Your turn Chloe.” Then she grabbed her hot sauce and slowly took the lid off. Chloe’s eyes grew bigger each second. Destiny got the lid off and poured half of the hot sauce in her hair. She smiled and pulled open the girl’s shirt from the top. Destiny tipped the rest of the hot sauce in her shirt. Chloe started screaming about how everything was designer and expensive. Destiny just smiled. Then she turned to Iris and mouthed ‘your next’. The crew left quickly for the bathrooms.

“Destiny you didn’t have to do that,” Turner said.

“Bull crap. Anyone who betrays my friends deserves that and more. Plus it was kind of fun.”

“Well now we are out of a singer,” Drake said looking grumpy.

“Well I guess we will make all the songs in a boy’s voice. Most of our songs are sung by boys originally anyways.” Celestial and Alec got up and walked out of the cafeteria. They must be getting ready for their prank. We had about thirty minutes left so the rest of us just talked until the bell rang. Destiny got up and walked to the lockers. She was humming under her breath and bouncing up and down. Before we walked to the classroom, she dragged me to the girl’s bathrooms and told me to wait outside. I leaned against the door. About three minutes later she opened the door. I fell backwards and landed at her feet. She laughed and helped me up. I looked at her and realized she was completely clean again. He had on a Dark purple tank top with black shapes all over it. She was also wearing short black shorts. I whistled at her. Blushing, she slapped me and ran to the classroom.

We walked to the classroom and heard Mr. Cole yelling. Dang, they must have been caught. We opened up the door.

“Whoever did this will pay dearly,” Mr. Cole turned and looked at Destiny, “It was you wasn’t it?” Destiny looked around and shook her head no.

“No, but whoever did this earns my praise.” I looked around as well. The walls were painted pale pink with hot pink stripes. Unicorn and rainbow stickers were all over the wall as well, and to top it all off pink glitter and balloons were everywhere. Both Destiny and I turned to look at Alec and Celestial. They winked at us and started laughing their heads off. Meanwhile, Mr. Cole was turning redder by the minute. Alec got up and grabbed some confetti out of plastic bags and threw the paper everywhere. Destiny ran over and started to help. She handed me some and I threw it as well. The whole class was throwing the confetti. Those who couldn’t get to the bags were picking it up from the floor and throwing it. We were all laughing. Poor Mr. Cole was still screaming trying to get the class to settle down.

The End

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